Friday Faves: Linus’ Blanket Edition

Last week, I admitted that I wasn’t OK and gave you my permission to revel in your not OK-ness (not that you needed my permission).  If last week was not OK, then this week was one, uh, terrible.  I mean, wretched.  Gut-wrenching. It was bad. I think that’s what I like about Friday…the hope ofContinue reading “Friday Faves: Linus’ Blanket Edition”

All Sorts of Christmas Fun…

OK, so today’s original post was canned.  Then I got this e-mail from Bobbie at Big Hassle and just *had* to share it with y’all for three simple reasons:: 1. It made me giggle.  2. I like the way the singer’s hair breezily flails about. 3. He flies around on a star. All this gotContinue reading “All Sorts of Christmas Fun…”