Photo Essay:: Inside Scranton, Pennsylvania

On Wednesday, I accompanied my friend, Shari, on a trip to her hometown of Scranton, Pennsylvania.  Scranton is not only the hometown of Vice President Joe Biden (until he moved to Delaware at the age of 10) but also the location of the fictional paper company Dunder Mifflin from “The Office.”  A historic town, ScrantonContinue reading “Photo Essay:: Inside Scranton, Pennsylvania”

Librarians Added to PA State Endangered Species List

There are two things I can always count on—getting a phone call from my mother every day and the Pennsylvania state budget not being passed by the July 1 deadline.  Of course, this year I’m glad I still have time to protest even though something about politics just wears me out.  After working like aContinue reading “Librarians Added to PA State Endangered Species List”

How to Stimulate the Economy…or Just Your Brain

Yesterday as I was eating lunch, I flipped on Fox News to see what was going on in the world.  Apparently, the economy’s in the crapper.  If I didn’t know it from the news ticker on the bottom of my TV screen, surely each and every story would have clued me in.  I got toContinue reading “How to Stimulate the Economy…or Just Your Brain”