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Friday Faves: Snow Globe Living Edition

2 Dec

I’ve been going back and forth on bringing back Friday Faves.  Am I ready?  What if I do it this Friday and not next Friday?  I mean, do I even have any readers left besides my mother? 

Then I thought, if you write it, they will come.

So I fooled around on Facebook for a while (yes, those games I used to think were stupid are highly addictive and somewhat entertaining), scoped out Thursday’s online deals, goofed around on Twitter, played some more Facebook games (The wheat needed to be harvested).  And here I am, staring at my computer screen thinking of all the great things I read, saw, and experienced this week.

How could I keep all this awesomeness to myself?  Why, that would be selfish!  I don’t know what’s going to happen next week or the week after or the week after, but I’m sure God does.  I’ll keep the future rightly in His hands and focus on the matter at hand—this week’s Friday Faves.

I seem to listen to a lot of music or read a lot of books—not usually at the same time, though occasionally my loves do intermingle.  Currently, I’m in a music phase and with so many exciting things happening in the industry (like the GRAMMY Award Nominations…congrats, everyone!), there is much to share.

*I can’t stop singing “Snow Globe” by Matt Wertz, even though I don’t know all (or most) of the lyrics.  Mostly, I just prance around singing, “Sometimes I wish I lived in snow globe,” mumble, and then pick it up again on the “la-la’s.”  Therefore, I need to share this song with y’all.  And, as luck would have it, Matt Wertz was kind enough to make an enchanting music video for us to enjoy together. (Amy’s note: Matt Wertz must be very secure in his masculinity to wear long-johns in that video!) 

I always wished I lived in a snow globe, and I’m glad I’m not alone.  I’m sure someone’s going to form a Facebook group about this very topic, and I’ll probably join in. But under no circumstances will I be appearing in any music videos in my PJ’s.  Some things are just private, know what I’m saying? You’ve got to be a good friend or family member to see me in my scrubby night duds. 

For a limited time, you can download “Snow Globe” along with his album 23 Places FOR FREE on NoiseTrade: GO DOWNLOAD IT!!!  And while you’re out there LEGALLY downloading music, hop over to your fave music buying site, and check out Matt’s brand spankin’ new-this-year Christmas album called…wait for it…SNOW GLOBE!!!  I only wish the album came with a FREE Matt Wertz snow globe.

But, wait, you can head over to Matt Wertz’s website and get your very own snow globe necklace for $40, complete with an 18” sterling silver chain.  Cute idea, but kind of pricey, especially since I have to assemble the mini-snow globe myself AAAND I prefer 22” chains.  Now you know what to get for the person who has everything—a snow globe necklace!

Only 5 BUCKS, baby!  Like dollars, not male deer!

*While we’re on the topic of legally purchasing music…have you checked out some of the $5 digital music downloads on Amazon lately?  The “regular” album choices for December are pretty paltry, but the special Christmas music section is great!  For ONLY five dollars, you can treat yourself to some of my favorite albums including Christmas Spirits by Straight No Chaser, Wintersong by Sarah MacLachlan, A Very Merry Christmas by Dave Barnes, Christmas by Rebecca St. James (which I got as a Christmas present in 1997.  I love this album!), and one of my most loved Christmas albums, Let It Snow Baby… Let It Reindeer by Relient K.  Since I already own this great music, I’m thinking of purchasing Mindy Smith’s My Holiday–what do you think?

Jillian Edwards = one of the many reasons I love Noise Trade!

*NoiseTrade co-founder Derek Webb (he sings, too!) wrote a tantalizing post this week about why he’d rather give his music away for free than allowing it to be streamed on Spotify.  Check out, “Giving It Away:  How Free Music Makes More Than Sense.”   I’m a habitual NoiseTrade download junkie.  I mean, what won’t I do for free music?  Plus, I can discover amazing musicians without feeling pressured by a publicist. (Darn my people-pleasing tendencies!)  In fact, I recently discovered Jillian Edwards on NoiseTrade, and I think you’ll love her!

I might wear Long-johns in a music video for a Kindle Fire…

*Because we’re all about the free, I mean, all about the music, I want to you how to get FREE MUSIC from Plumb!  Ever since Plumb released her first album when I was in high school, I’ve adored her and her music.  Well, you can download TWO Christmas songs when you like Plumb on Facebook, and then if you tell your friends about Plumb’s awesomeness, I mean, her music (and how could you not?), then you will be entered to win some cool prizes like a Kindle Fire (drool!), an iPod shuffle, Plumb-y gear, or a personalized profile pic of Tiffany holding a sign thanking you!!! (I want one of her thanking me while wearing the wings she wore while singing “Send Angels” at Creation ’97!)  Now I’ll refrain from entering this contest (probably) because I’ll blow you all out of the water with my gazillion Facebook friends.  I mean, it wouldn’t even a fair contest.  But I really, really, really want a pretty Kindle Fire, uh, I mean, the other prizes that aren’t a Kindle Fire.  Love, I mean, like Plumb on Facebook, download the songs (Plumb’s version of “What Child Is This” gave me chills.  Beautiful), and WIN [me a Kindle Fire]!

Wowser!  If I didn’t already own one of these…

*You know what makes a great Christmas present? Jason Gray’s latest album, A Way to See in the Dark!!!  Know what makes it better?  If Jason Gray personally autographed it!  Know what makes ME the best ever?!  I’m giving away a copy of that very autographed album for FREE!!!  All you have to do is enter!  Deets hereYou know you want to enter!

Welcome back, Friday Favers!  Hmm….we need to work on a better name for you guys. 

Who wouldn’t want to go sledding with an eReader?

Amy’s Update:  I just learned about another great deal…a $25 gift card to Barnes & Noble for only $15 at SaveMore.com (This is my unique referral linkage, BTW.  I get $5 for every new person who signs up!)  Because I’m a first-time user, I got a $10 sign-up bonus, meaning that I can get my gift card for $5 (I think).  If not, I’m totally getting those Fandango tix (two tickets for $12, or rather $2 with my $10 bonus.  Woot!  I can see Breaking Dawn in theaters.  I mean, a mature adult movie that doesn’t involve werewolves and vampires.  Actually, your credit can only be applied to certain purchases and Fandango is not one of them.  Boo-hoo).  And in case you didn’t know, Barnes & Noble dot com has WAY cheaper books and like Amazon, they offer free shipping when on spends $25 or more. (I like to check out the after-Christmas sales at B&N to get pretty journals so I can write down my most private thoughts) Do the deal! (Take note that your gift card won’t be available until 12/12 or 12/13.)

Be honest–do you ever wish you lived in a snow globe?  Do you ever think you *do* live in a snow globe? (If so, I have a counseling degree; I  can help you.  Or at least run the peer support group!)  Would you wear an adult onesie in public, even if you were a TOTALLY famous musician like Matt Wertz?  Do you want to win a Kindle Fire?  Do you want to win ME a Kindle Fire?  Isn’t Plumb a fantastic dresser?  (If I dressed like her, I’d just look silly.)  Do you use Spotify?  NoiseTrade?  Buy a $5 Amazon album?  Breathe?  How is your Christmas shopping going thus far?  Are you thinking about getting a snow globe necklace for anyone on your list?

Amy’s Favorite Things, Vol. 2

9 Dec

Since Oprah dropped the ball on her favorite things this year, it looks like I’m going to have to take up the slack (incidentally, I’ll also be taking over for Oprah when the daytime talk show queen turns in her microphone).  I’m sorry I won’t be able to send Backseat Writers a crap load of cool stuff to celebrate “Amy’s Favorite Things” (AFT) but you do have a chance to win an AFT Prize Pack, which includes an Oh Deer Super Dooper Pocket Pooper Keychain, a stuffed cow I got for free at Chick-Fil-A, an unopened package of Ice Breakers Ice Cube Gum I found on my desk, a beautiful star ornament created with my very own hands, and a personalized Christmas card with a holiday picture of my dogs inside (actually, anyone can get one of those, just e-mail me your mailing address).  Who needs fancy schmancy items like digital cameras and expensive make-up when you get can win stuff like this?

Without further ado, I present you with my favorite things of 2009.


Every month the world’s largest online retailer picks 50 albums that cost only $5 to download (but they picked 100 for December).  And every-so-often they slash prices even more—to a mere $2.99.  Over the year, I’ve been able to snag the latest from Sherwood, Owl City, Mat Kearny, and others.  Right now (12/09), you can get Green River Ordinance’s Out of My Hands (read interview), Switchfoot’s Hello Hurricane,  Relient K’s Let it Snow Baby…Let It Reindeer, The Almost’s Monster Monster, Beach Boys’ Pet SoundsThe Turtles’ Greatest Hits and The Elf Soundtrack –all for only $5.


Yes, people, I’ve joined the Twitter revolution!  It’s oh-so-fun to exchange silly banter—all in 140 characters or less. (Incidentally, that gushing statement about Twitter is only 119 characters!)


OK, while Kristin Chenoweth isn’t a thing; she’s a person and I’ve written about her before (“Snooked on Pushing Daisies“), but there’s more Cheno love to share.  Last spring, Kristin released her authobiography, A Little Bit Wicked, this fall she starred on one of my favorite shows, “Glee” (also performing a rousing duet of “Alone” with Matthew Morrison aka “Mr. Shue”) and she just made a Lifetime movie, The Twelve Men of Christmas.  Plus,  she’s the voice of Rosetta the fairy in the Tinkerbell movies.  There there’s Maddie’s Corner, an organization started by Kristin to help people and animals.  Yes, Kristin has a dog named Maddie and I have a dog named Maddy (Madalyne)!  Who knew? Suffice to say, Kristin Chenoweth is still smokin’ hot and undoubtedly one of my favorite things, er, people.


I’ve known about these things for a while, but they never fail to crack me up.  Maybe I’m just immature, but a reindeer with a cranky face pooping brown candies out of his butt is really funny to me.  Plus, the candy-filled key chains and toys have all sorts of hilarious names like Poo-lar Bear (The Sub-Zero Poopin’ Hero), Baa Humbug Sheep (The Grumpy Party Pooper), and Oh Deer! (The Super Duper Reindeer Pooper). Because I love these things so much, I’m offering one of these little guys in my Prize Pack.  It’s a keychain version of Oh Deer for Pooper lovers on the go.


Is this show great or what?  Singing, dancing, high school drama, a hot Spanish teacher—it’s all the stuff that I wish I had in high school (minus the drama—no one wants that!)  Plus, the cast on “Glee” can really sing.  I’m especially impressed with Lea Michele who plays young starlet Rachel Berry (my fave character) and Matthew Morrison’s vocals have really grown on me (especially during his “Alone” duet with Kristin Chenoweth as well as his mash-up of “Young Girl” and “Don’t Stand So Close to Me”).  Jane Lynch is also notable as the gym teacher everyone loves to hate—Sue Slyvester.  And that’s how Amy sees it.  Hmm, sounds better when Sue says it.


What a storage site!  Not only can TinyPic be integrated into your social networks like Twitter and Facebook, but it also offers dandy photo editing tools to touch up digital photographs in a hurry.  No need to use Photoshop for minor edits and TinyPic offers a ton of storage, as well as printing options (which I have yet to use).


Hooded scarves with pockets (HSwP) are a fashion must (guys, feel free to tune out).  It’s a hat!  It’s a scarf!  And it’s got pockets for storage!  I’ve only seen two of these out in the great wide yonder—there was a beautiful cream-colored HSwP at Target for around $17, but the knitting was shabby and coming undone—pass!  I found another HSwP online at Bath & Body Works of all places—a pink, gray, and white patterned beauty that cost $20 on clearance; it has since disappeared.  Sadly, the HSwP pictured on the left is $200, and even though it has faux fur and button—that is still way too pricey.  Even this amazing brown Fair Isle knit is $50, but I can’t figure out how it looks when worn.  If any of you know of any hot deals on HSwP (buttons preferred), let me know!

Well, that wraps up another year of Amy’s Favorite Things !  Now I suppose you want to know how to win AFT Prize Pack.  It is *so* easy.  All you have to do is leave a comment below telling me (and the world) about one of your favorite things!  If you Tweet or write a Facebook status note about the contest, you get an extra entry (one for Twitter, and one for Facebook for a grand total of three entries!)  Hint: if you follow @amysondova or @backseatwriter on Twitter, you can RT (reTweet) what I say.  I only wish I was eligible to win this contest.  The contest ends on 12/16 at 12 PM EST. Oh, and don’t forget to re-visit all my favorite things from last year!

Review:: Let It Snow Baby…Let it Reindeer – Relient K

1 Dec

By Amy Sondova Last year Relient K released their first full-length Christmas album; this year they’re releasing it again with three new songs available for digital download (“God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen,” “Silver Bells,” and “O Holy Night”).  Let It Snow Baby…Let it Reindeer features the reworking some classics like “12 Days of Christmas”, “Have Yourself a Merry Christmas”, and many more. Pulling songs from their Deck the Halls, Bruise Your Hand EP and other holiday compilations, the result is a pleasing, solid album, which makes a perfect present for everyone on your list, except maybe your grandmother.

Creativity:: 10 Relient K’s Christmas material from various compilations, their EP, and the full-length album is exceptionally creative.

Original Songs:: 10
“I Celebrate the Day” is one of the best songs ever written.  Of course, it wouldn’t be a Relient K album without a couple of moody ballads like “I Hate Christmas Parties” and “In Like a Lion (Always Winter)”.  Lead singer Matt Thiessen works his lyrical wonders once again.

Classic Covers:: 10 The band’s rendition of “Auld Lang Syne” will sound oddly familiar to fans of the Beach Boys Christmas Album. Right down to the last detail, Relient K does an impressive cover of the Beach Boys’ version of “Auld Lang Syne”.  I can’t think of one song that wasn’t well-done

Musical Score:: 10
Pop punk + jingle bells+ great vocals= awesome!

Overall Holly Jolliness:: 10
This was my favorite Christmas album in 2007 and also in 2008.

Total = 50 Let it Snow Baby…Let it Reindeer is a grand mixture of rock, pop punk, excellent vocals, merriment, and melancholy—like a nice holiday meal at a Christmas party; that is, unless you hate Christmas parties.

To read our review guide lines, go here.

Print copy of review.

You can find Let it Snow Baby…Let it Reindeer and the rest of our great “12 Days of Christmas Music” reviewed albums in Backseat Writer’s online store, Drive-By Shopping, under the “12 Days of Christmas Music” category!

Music Review: Ringing in Christmas

20 Feb

Written in December 2007

By Amy Sondova The sounds of the season are all around us—screaming kids who can’t wait for Santa, blaring horns from traffic jams in mall parking lots, the sound of the Christmas tree being knocked over by the pet. Ah, Christmas! But fortunately you can cover all that pesky background noise with albums by Relient K, Bebo Norman, Michael W. Smith, and Jars of Clay that were just released this holiday season.

Relient K, Let It Snow Baby…Let it Reindeer (Capitol)
This year Relient K released their first full-length Christmas album reworking some classics like “12 Days of Christmas”, “Have Yourself a Merry Christmas”, and many more. Pulling songs from their EP Deck the Halls, Bruise Your Hand and other holiday compilations, the result is a pleasing, solid album, which makes a perfect present for everyone on your list, except maybe your grandmother. The band’s rendition of “Auld Lang Syne” will sound oddly familiar to fans of the Beach Boys Christmas Album. Right down to the last detail, Relient K does an impressive cover of the Beach Boys’ version of “Auld Lang Syne”. Of course, it wouldn’t be a Relient K album without a couple of moody ballads like “I Hate Christmas Parties” and “In Like a Lion (Always Winter)”. It’s a grand mixture of rock, pop punk, excellent vocals, merriment, and melancholy—like a nice holiday meal at a Christmas party; that is, unless you hate Christmas parties. (You can read more about Relient K in the interview, “Building on the Best Things ”).

Bebo Norman, Christmas: From the Realms of Glory (BEC)
Bebo Norman’s acoustic guitar skills, smooth vocals, and gentle spirit come together to capture an element of wonder at Jesus’ birth more than 2000 years later. Using the song “Rebel Jesus” by Jackson Browne as the foundation for this album, Norman takes us through the scandal of Jesus’ birth to the wonder at the event to the reaction of the heavenly host. “Rebel Jesus” is a haunting reminder of the purpose behind Jesus’ birth, life, death, and resurrection reminding listeners to take care of the poor and oppressed. Looking at Jesus’ birth from a heavenly perspective, “Born to Die” is a song about how the angels may have been perplexed by the God coming to earth as an infant. The chorus resounds, “And the angels filled the sky/All of Heaven wondered why/Why their King would choose to be/Be a baby born to die.” Drawing heavily on acoustic guitar and folk/grass roots, the album is simplistic and uncomplicated, yet deeply thoughtful and profound.

Michael W. Smith, It’s a Wonderful Christmas (Reunion)
Four different choirs and an orchestra of 67 different instruments have come together with the vocals of Michael W. Smith to make a Christmas album that is sure to please almost everyone. Masterfully orchestrated, It’s A Wonderful Christmas, takes listeners on a journey of delight with old time melodies such as “What Child Is This” and “A Highland Carol”. The album is composed of mostly original MWS material including “Audrey’s Gift”, a pretty little instrumental track. Citing John Williams as one of his inspirations when composing this epic album, the result is an album that is truly bright and beautiful, like a well-decorated Christmas tree. It’s MWS’ twentieth album, yet he remains ever the gentleman presenting listeners with a tasteful, yet elegant, Christmas recording. It also comes highly recommended by Smith’s son-in-law Jack Mooring of the band, Leeland.

Jars of Clay, Christmas Songs (Nettwerk)
Christmas Songs is one strange album. After a few spins on the DVD player, the album begins to rub off on listeners. Jars of Clay once again challenges the norm, by making an ethereal Christmas recording that builds on the experimental elements of Good Monsters. The band even remixed their previously released version of “Little Drummer Boy”. Christmas Songs includes classics as well as a few original songs including “Winter Skin”, “Hibernation Day”, and “Peace Is Here”. Jars of Clay’s version of “Wonderful Christmastime” is even better than the original. It’s far from a typical Christmas album, yet its artistry is as undeniable as its charm.

Print copy of review.

Relient K: Building on the Best Things

18 Feb

Article written in Fall 2007

By Amy Sondova Hours before their tour bus caught fire along the Pennsylvania Turnpike, Matt Thiessen and the other members of Relient K were discussing with Switchfoot ways the bands could support the non-profit Habitat For Humanity in their upcoming fall tour. “A week after the bus fire, it occurred to me that we were just talking about people that have lost homes and then I was focused on all my shirts being gone,” shares Thiessen.With only the clothes on their backs and a few personal items they managed to grab on the way out, Relient K watched helplessly as their bus turned to ash in the early morning hours.

Fortunately, much of the band’s equipment was salvaged from the wreck. The experience left the band shaken, but gave Thiessen a new outlook on what matters in life, “It was nice to give myself a reality check and realize that my concerns and my short-term problems are not a big deal. We tend to say we’re all about the big picture in life. Then when something like that happens to us, we tend to focus on ourselves.”

Relient K is focusing on other as they co-headline “The Appetite for Construction” tour with Switchfoot (which also includes special guest, Ruth). One dollar from each ticket sold will be donated to Habitat for Humanity. but the support for the organization won’t end there, “We just recorded a song that Jon [Foreman, lead singer of Switchfoot] and I wrote together. It’s called ‘Rebuild’ and it’s for Habitat. Jon’s going to release the song for free on the [Habitat] website. You can donate money to the organization when you download it.”

Thiessen has a couple of projects in mind to benefit the non-profit, including an EP he may put together after the tour. Besides raising funds for Habitat for Humanity, the bands on the “Appetite” tour also hope to raise awareness for the organization, which includes encouraging individuals to become involved in local builds.

“Every night we’re able to have some reps from Habitat come out to the shows. The whole local chapter thing really works out for a national tour,” remarks Thiessen. By highlighting the efforts of local Habitat for Humanity chapter, Thiessen hopes that community support and involvement with the organization will increase.

At the time of the interview, Thiessen and his tour mates were sitting in Springfield, IL anticipating an evening concert. Yet their thoughts are with the people of California and the fires that are raging. Hailing from San Diego, the members of Switchfoot have been directly affected by the wild fires, “I was talking to the bass player and he’s got 20 people staying at his house,” shares Thiessen. “Jon was talking about it from stage yesterday and he mentioned the San Diego fires and how Habitat can help.”

“Appetite for Construction” marks the first time that Switchfoot and Relient K have toured together since 2001, the same year Relient K released their popular second album, The Anatomy of Tongue in Cheek (Gotee). However, Thiessen says the band still nods to early songs, still performs “Sadie Hawkins Dance”, but has also matured personally and musically. “You can’t write the same songs that you wrote when you were 19 when you are 27,” he explains.

Relient K released its debut album in 1999, when Thiessen was only 19. Now a few years from the landmark age of 30, Thiessen reflects on the past seven years, “When we started, we were on the road in a van stopping at Wendy’s to eat every day. One by one, the guys got married. Everyone in the band is now married. We’ve gone through a couple of member changes.” The band’s current line-up includes Thiessen (lead vocals, guitar, piano), Matt Hoopes (guitar, vocals), Dave Douglas (drums, vocals), John Warne (bass, vocals), and Jon Schneck (guitar, banjo, bells, vocals). Sadly, December 29 marks long-time drummer Dave Douglas’ departure from the band to pursue other interests.

Even as band changes, Relient K remains a perennial favorite of teenagers and young adults, both Christian and non-Christian despite receiving criticism for their departure from Gotee Records (who the band still uses for distribution in Christian markets) to the mega-label, Capitol Records. Undeterred by public opinion, Thiessen asserts that while the band expanded beyond the Christian market, their faith should not be in question. “We try to be who we are and a lot of people are drawn to the way our band does things and how we seem happy in doing them—the fact that we are all about our faith and writing about it, standing for it, and not backing away from it. We’re definitely not throwing Bible from the stage like Stryper did back in the day; but we also don’t shy away from writing songs about what we believe.”

Serving as a great equalizer among fans of varying beliefs, the band hopes to counter the myth that all music produced by Christians is substandard. “It’s a stereotype that goes along with Christian music,” sighs Thiessen. “Once they hear that label, they think minor leagues. I’ve seen it on message boards like, ‘You know that band’s a Christian band?’ And the next post is like, ‘Oh, crap! I don’t like ‘em now.’”

“Everybody’s got their own opinion of the Christian faith and sometimes people haven’t been introduced to it in a very good ways,” continues the impassioned Thiessen. “It’s tough for them to embrace a band that expresses the faith they may have been pushed away from.” Even though they play bars and clubs as well as Christian music festivals, the band sees what they do as ministry, “But if we tell people that our ministry is to be less abrasive than other Christian band, it’s kind of a weird thing. We’re just trying to be a part of these kids’ lives with our lyrics and who we are as people.”

In fact, to make their current tour more youth group-friendly, the bands have asked all venues to refrain from serving alcohol. “Band like Switchfoot, Ruth, and Relient K—we do club shows and the Warped Tour, but we also love being involved in Christian youth culture, too.” Growing up in the church and going to youth group, Thiessen has encountered many different Christians and their public statements on faith. He says, “Personally, I wouldn’t find myself drawn to someone who just comes out of nowhere, who doesn’t know me and starts grilling me about my faith. I’m not going to embrace something I haven’t known because some stranger’s yelling at me about it.”

Instead of being a “preaching band”, Relient K tries to show that Christians in a band can do more than just sing worship songs. “I feel like we’re ambassadors molding the whole thing together and making things [between the secular and sacred] less separated. I feel like that’s kind of the point of the Christian faith—to be less separated from everything and not have this isolated us against them mentality.” Branching out of the Christian bubble has been good for the band, who released their fifth album, Five Score and Seven Years Ago (Capitol) in March. Then October saw the release of the band’s first full length Christmas album, Let It Snow Baby…Let It Reindeer (Capitol).

The reviews for the albums have been positive, often comparing Relient K’s harmonic vocals to that of the Beach Boys, a comparison that seems to have been unnoticed by Thiessen. “That’s my favorite band in the whole world!” exclaims an excited Thiessen. “To get a comparison like that, wow!” Citing the band’s landmark album, Pet Sounds, as his favorite, Thiessen says, “I can listen to that record and I don’t think we’re ripping off the Beach Boys. If people can see the influence, I feel like I did my job. You always want the things you love to come across in your music.” Thanks to Capitol Records, Thiessen has about every song the Beach Boys has ever released, including a framed vinyl of Pet Sounds in his living room—a living room that Thiessen gets to see far too little because so much of his life is spent on the road.

When discussing the band’s latest release, Let It Snow Baby…Let It Reindeer, Thiessen offers listeners a touching mental picture on what it means to come home after being on tour. Describing the song, “Merry Christmas, Here’s To Many More”, Thiessen shares, “It’s got the imagery of me coming home and all the friends I’ve ever known are at my house and having a Christmas party. It’s about being loved and accepted from your friends and family. I spend most of my life not seeing a lot of my friends. At Christmas time, I get to come home and be with the ones I love.” Not only does Thiessen find comfort at home with friends and family, but his efforts for Habitat for Humanity are helping many across the country to do the same.

For more information on Relient K, please visit them online at relientk.com. To get involved or make a donation, to Habitat for Humanity, check out habitat.org.

This work is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 3.0 United States License. To view a copy of this license, visit http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nc-nd/3.0/us/ or send a letter to Creative Commons, 171 Second Street, Suite 300, San Francisco, California, 94105, USA.

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