Fox Teases Millions with “Glee” Pilot

Like millions of Americans, I am enchanted by Fox’s newest show “Glee“.  Although, I am terribly disappointed that the network teased us with the pilot episode after the second-to-last “American Idol” this season and isn’t promising any new episodes until the Fall.  It was brilliant marketing to be sure, but definitely disappointing because I wantContinue reading “Fox Teases Millions with “Glee” Pilot”

True Confessions Friday:: I’m a reformed name dropper.

You know how “they” (whoever “they” are) say that the things we dislike most in others are the same things we dislike about ourselves?  I would agree that statement is partially, but not completely, true.  Today, dear friends, I am going to confess, it’s not what you know, it’s who you know and sometimes it’sContinue reading “True Confessions Friday:: I’m a reformed name dropper.”

Wicked on YouTube

Like me, you may be a big fan of Broadway musicals. Unfortunately, the prices of seeing a show on 42nd street have skyrocketed, so the possibility of seeing WICKED or MAMA MIA (fortunately they’re making it into a movie) are not in my future. But some kind person has offered recordings of some of WICKEDContinue reading “Wicked on YouTube”

Interview for Jobs the Virtual Way

This is my character, Amelia Snook. I worked feverishly to try to make her shirt longer or the waistline of her flared pants higher, but sadly it never worked out. I’ll admit that I found Second Life amusing…for a bit. But the virtual community’s slow, interface was annoying and the game itself was time-consuming. ItContinue reading “Interview for Jobs the Virtual Way”

My Top Discoveries of 2007

“Psych“–It’s an awesome T.V. show on USA Network starring James Roday as “psychic” detective Shawn Spencer, who isn’t really psychic, but pretends that he is. It’s great and the new season starts on Jan. 11. “Pushing Daisies“–I love this show so much that I blogged about one of its actresses, Kristin Chenoweth  (read “Snooked onContinue reading “My Top Discoveries of 2007”

Snooked on “Pushing Daisies”

“Wouldn’t it rock and roll is liking someone meant that they had to like you back? Of course, that would be a different universe and something else would probably suck.”–Olive Snook, “Pushing Daisies” (portrayed by Kristin Chenoweth) “Pushing Daisies” is undoubtedly one of the strangest shows on television these days. And I’ve got to admit;Continue reading “Snooked on “Pushing Daisies””