Take 5 with Kerri Pomarolli

By Amy Sondova Kerri Pomarolli is a popular speaker, author, and comedienne hailing from Los Angeles, California. Backseat Writer recently reviewed her book, Guys Like Girls Named Jennie (read review), and asked Kerri to Take 5. She agreed and send back her answers in bright fuschia font color. You can visit her online at kerripom.com.Continue reading “Take 5 with Kerri Pomarolli”

Review :: Guys Like Girls Named Jennie by Kerri Pomarolli

By Amy Sondova Finally, a book for the single woman about dating—written by a woman who actually goes on dates. Kerri Pomarolli’s Guys Like Girls Named Jennie (Zondervan) is a fresh approach to tired old singles books. Instead of bogging readers down with dating tips, Kerri takes us through her dating history—detail by excruciating detail.Continue reading “Review :: Guys Like Girls Named Jennie by Kerri Pomarolli”