In case you’re wondering what I do on Friday nights… I assure you that I’m at home making stuff like this.  I call it “Peepatopian Pirates”.  Notice that both Peep chicks and bunnies are represented in this piece, as well as jellybean treasure, and of course, Easter egg treasure chests.  The cost of all theContinue reading “MY PEEP SHOW”

Peepin’ In Spring: Peep Still Life Photography

“Peeps: Relief” by Brienne Joubert Brienne Joubert, a professional photograph has brought Peeps to life (err…still life) in her work. Using Peeps and product placement, Joubert has produced a humorous gallery of photography honoring the marshmallow candy in a stylish manner. “Peeps: Toothpaste” by Brienne Joubert  “Peeps: Powder” by Brienne Joubert See also “Peeps: Cottonballs”Continue reading “Peepin’ In Spring: Peep Still Life Photography”

Peepin’ in Spring

Living in the Lehigh Valley is great for many reasons–the mountains, the beauty, the history, and the Just Born Candy Factory (in Bethlehem) which produces various types of confectionery delights–most importantly PEEPS! There are truly some strange (and interesting) things that people have done with Peeps–many of which will be highlighted right here on AtypicalContinue reading “Peepin’ in Spring”