UnWrapping Christmas with musician/producer Jordan Critz

Nightlights and Melted Ice, Jordan Critz’s debut album, gave me thrills and chills.  Don’t let the fact that Jordan is a classically trained musician fool you—it makes him excellent an excellent composer and producer—but he can rock out with the best of them on his main instruments, guitar and piano (and vocals, of course).  ThankContinue reading “UnWrapping Christmas with musician/producer Jordan Critz”

Christmas Un-Wrapped:: Black Friday–Great Deals or Terrifying Chaos?

As millions of Americans arise early on Friday morning to head out to their favorite stories to find the best deals for their friends and family this Christmas, we decided to see if our Un-Rappers were doing the same. HOW DO YOU FEEL ABOUT BLACK FRIDAY? GREAT DEALS OR TERRIFYING CHAOS? “Haha, my answer isContinue reading “Christmas Un-Wrapped:: Black Friday–Great Deals or Terrifying Chaos?”