Take 5 with Jonny Diaz

While many baseball teams started training for their 2009 season, Jonny Diaz was putting the final touches on his latest album, More Beautiful You.  The project, the fifth for this talented singer/songwriter, is also Jonny’s debut on INO Records.  Jonny never planned to release this project on a major label; God made it happen.  JustContinue reading “Take 5 with Jonny Diaz”

Take 5 with Stacie Vining of Vining Media Relations

When I first interviewed Stacie Vining in 2002, she was only on the job for two years and working with a big publicity group.  I was a senior in college writing an article on women working in the Christian music industry for my graduation project.  So when I established a professional relationship with Stacie aContinue reading “Take 5 with Stacie Vining of Vining Media Relations”