The Women of the Resurrection

In this pic, Jesus looks like He’s playing hide-and-seek with the women. I wanted to prepare this blog post sooner, but time is not on my side lately.  My family could definitely use your prayer.  Gosh, I could use your prayers.  However, better late than never, here’s the follow up to “The Women of theContinue reading “The Women of the Resurrection”

The Women of the Cross

Since early last summer, I’ve been leading a ladies’ Bible study. This week, since it is Holy Week, I prepared a lesson called “The Women of the Cross” to be followed next week by “The Women of the Resurrection.” I know, I know. They could use snappier titles. But I thought both my male andContinue reading “The Women of the Cross”

Super Tuesday: All the Hype Money Can Buy

UPDATE: I found this little diddy by Brandon Barker about John Mellencamp telling John McCain to stop using his songs at campaign rallies.  Watch the David Hassellfhoff video, “Looking For Freedom”.  This is a hilarious post! Isn’t Super Tuesday exciting? This morning on Fox News I got to see Barack Obama, Ann Coulter, Nancy Pelosi,Continue reading “Super Tuesday: All the Hype Money Can Buy”