Book Review:: Fall to Grace by Jay Bakker

I don’t care that he is divorced, tattooed, pierced, or the son of Jim and Tammy Faye Bakker. In fact, all these things make Jay Bakker more interesting to me.  It was with this fascination that I began reading Bakker’s new book, Fall to Grace. In the book, Bakker writes in a conversational tone, evenContinue reading “Book Review:: Fall to Grace by Jay Bakker”

The Glory Thieves

I’ve been thinking a lot about King Solomon lately, probably because I’m reading through 1 Kings.  Here was a man who had all the wisdom in the world, and built the most glorious things man has ever crafted…yet in all his beauty, his works couldn’t compare to a single wildflower in God’s vast creation.  WhileContinue reading “The Glory Thieves”