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Silenced Press Equals Fractured Freedom

25 Feb


“I’m not teaching you what to think; I’m teaching you how to think,” emphatically stated my professor in class after class. We got it—not what to think, how to think. His assignments—papers mostly—asked us to draw deep from the well of knowledge we gained and discover our own conclusions.

In retrospect, it was one of the most valuable lessons I’ve learned—teach people how to think, not what to think.

It carried over into my years of ministry. By teaching the Bible, I asked open-ended questions, presented historical data, and put some “what if’s” into the mix. God offered humanity free will—to choose or not to choose a relationship with Him. He gave us all the information, though we may not understand it, but didn’t force us to believe it.

As I survey the political landscape, I see our right to freely think being slowly taken away. See, it’s not that we can’t think what we want; it’s just that we’re are being told WHAT to think, not HOW to think.

Whenever someone disagrees with our new volatile President Trump, they are called out by the biggest bully in the world. For example, CNN has been repeatedly called “fake news” and The New York Times as “failing” on the Twitter account of the President of the United States. As a former middle school youth leader, I can honestly say I’ve seen more mature language on Instagram between feuding middle school girls.

Most recently, on February 24, “Fake News” and “Failing” along with other media outlets including Politico and BuzzFeed were excluded from Sean Spicer’s press gaggle, while other right wing news outlets were allowed to attend. When I was a college journalism student, CNN and The New York Times were THE STANDARD for televised and print media, yet now they are demonized for printing so-called lies and “making up sources.”

Trump’s repeated criticism of the media sets up a dangerous platform for him to become a dictator-in-chief. One of the first tactics used by dictators is to discredit and silence the opposition. The most troubling part is that many believe Trump as he tells people what to think, not how to think. If someone disagrees with Trump, they are removed or “reassigned” from his staff for “not supporting his agenda.”

But what if CNN, the NY Times, Politico, Fox News, and all the rest of the media are telling the truth? What if we do have a compromised relationship with Russia? What if things are chaotic in the White House? What is there’s a bigger problem in America that Trump just doesn’t what us to see? Smoke and mirrors work just as well for politicians are they do for magicians.

As you read my thoughts, I’m not telling you what to think, I’m asking you to just think. Look at the facts from all the different news organizations, the headlines and stories vary, but the news isn’t all that different. Trump’s Tweets are out there. Read them and think about them. I hear his supporters say that he just tells it like it is. I appreciate honesty, but I also value words and language. They can pull us up or drag us down.

Let me ask you—are Trump’s words elevating our nation or dragging us into civil chaos? Moreover, is Trump telling us what to think by silencing and discrediting the media or is he allowing us to look all all the sources and decide for ourselves?

A nation that cannot think for itself, where free press and free thought are stomped upon, is a nation that is not truly free. It’s a nation of fractured liberty where liberty and justice for all is a slogan of the past, not a right for the future.


Johnny Takes It All (Minus 3)

28 Oct

If straw polls are any indicator who the likely winner of next week’s presidential election, then John McCain’s got victory in the bag with 535 of the 538 total electoral college’s vote.  This is, of course, according to AOL.com’s straw poll.  So, if the election was decided by people who vote in online straw polls and use AOL, then McCain would be a shoo-in.

Here’s the proof…

I listened to a pundit talking about a surprise McCain upset–he must have been looking at this poll.   But, hey, stranger things have happened.  My prediction–it’s going to be a long night, and with all the allegations of voter fraud, we could have a repeat of the 2000 Presidential Election.  Now wasn’t that fun?

All Is [Not] Lost

17 Oct

John McCain has lost this election.  Despite the fact that no one has actually gone to the polls (with the exception of early and absentee voters), it seems that Barack Obama is the President-elect.  Now that’s democracy in action, isn’t it?  Pundits and media folks are telling US what WE think, and apparently, they think we’re pretty stupid.

The evidence, which mainly consists of calling weary voters to ask who has their vote, has Barack Obama ahead in every major news poll.  However, what does the “man on the street” actually think?  Here in the great state of Pennsylvania, it seems that there are a lot of McCain/Palin signs in people’s yards (as well as a great deal of Obama/Biden signs).  We may be sick of hearing about it, but the election is far from decided.

Obviously, I support the McCain/Palin ticket and find these reports disheartening.  I’m about to peel my “McCain” bumper sticker off the back of my car and admit defeat.  I mean, who wants to promote the loser anymore than necessary?  And yet, Election Day is still days away.

How is it, then, that this is (representative) democracy in action?  Surely, both McCain and Obama want the outcome of the election decided by the people, not the pundits, anchors, columnists, and snarky new producers all over the nation.  The court of public opinion may be very different than what happens when each voters is alone in his or her respective voting booth.

Cheer up, McCain/Palin supporters, all is not lost.  The people have not yet had their say.

Who is Joe the Plumber?

15 Oct

The guy with the B&W baseball cap has a weird Shrek-like shadow on his face.

Those of you who watched Wednesday night’s final presidential debate were, like me, wondering just who this Joe the Plumber guy is and why both John McCain and Barack Obama kept talking about him.  Fortunately, Philip Elliot of the Associated Press did all that work for me, so I didn’t have to search too long or too hard to learn about the now-infamous Joe Wurzelbacher of Ohio (full story).

According to the story, Joe the Plumber (who has an uncanny resemblance to Mr. Clean) met Barack Obama at a campaign stop and their meeting left Joe feeling “uneasy” after telling Obama that his taxes on small businesses would keep him from owning the plumbing buisness that he’s worked at for many years.  Even though Joe says he agrees with McCain’s plan, he’s ever the diplomat when it comes to divulging who’s won his vote, “That for me and a button to know.”  Way to dodge the question, Joe!  A tactic he learned to employ expertly from watching the debate.

While Joe may have gotten his questions answered, I’m still in the dark.  I don’t own a home, have kids I’m sending to school or college, and I didn’t lose all my money in the stock market.  I’m really wondering what either candidate would do for me–a single woman in her late 20’s with a ton of school loans.  I did hear Obama say he would give $4K back to students who volunteered, which doesn’t do me a lot of good now.  Can I get a $16K credit on my loans for my volunteer service?  I was even nominated for an award by my college for my work…too little, too late.

With all this focus on families and economy, I’m beginning to wonder what’s in it for me.  I do come from the “me” generation after all.  So, where’s my piece of the American Dream?  Single adults fall through the cracks yet again.  Sigh.  Maybe we should elect Joe the Plumber as President.

Edit: There are a lot of videos aimed at “Joe the Plumber” circling around YouTube, many of which are critical of Joe because he is “rich”.  I’d like to point out that just because his company makes $250,000 a year or more does not mean that’s what Joe is taking home.  Remember, Joe has to pay his other employees, rent and/or maintenance for his business location, the cost of tools/supplies, advertising (so he gets customers), and other business-related expenses.  Joe is not “whining” and he’s not rich because his business would make $250K.

Edit 2: Midday Thursday more information about Joe the Plumber has begun to surface.  According to several news sources, Joe is actually named Samuel J. Wurzelbacher (he probably goes by his middle name, which is most likely “Joseph”) and he isn’t a licensed plumber–he just works for a guy that is.  Plus, Joe/Samuel/Whoever He is owes back taxes to the tune of $1200 (full story).  I seriously feel bad for the guy.

Red, White, & Bruised

14 Oct

Right now I should be in one of two places–intently listening to John McCain discuss women’s issues at a Town Hall Meeting in Blue Bell, PA or screaming like a banshee for Sarah Palin at a rally in Scranton, PA.  However, I’m at home, still in my pj’s, pondering how to best tackle my to-do list.

When I got up this morning, I didn’t feel like being up at 6:30 AM, didn’t want to drive an hour in rush hour traffic to get a ticket to the McCain event, drive to the event, and wait in lines with tons of women.  Then I didn’t fancy sitting in a chair waiting a couple of hours for McCain to show.  After his crowd interaction/speech, I’d have to navigate out of the crowded venue and deal with more traffic.  The same goes for the Palin rally (although I did find out that I would have been with a group that had backstage passes to the event…but I found out a little too late.  Oh well). Plus, I did get to see McCain/Palin less than a week ago at a rally and have the pictures to prove it (read post).

One of the reasons I wanted to go to either venue was to hang with like-minded people and make new friends.  Seriously, rallies can be wild and the crowd energy is contagious.  But I really wanted attend these events to take more pictures (and hopefully figure out my lighting issues) and meet either McCain or Palin.  However, a lot of people want to meet McCain and Palin, so who I am in a crowd of thousands?

Sure, Sarah Palin is my hero–a woman whose courage I admire.  She’s well-spoken, real, and shows grace under a ridiculous amount of media attacks.  I wanted to encourage her and to tell her to keep fighting because there are woman (like me) who believe in her.  We are glad she is running for VP and feel that she represents us.  Her mere presence in this election is a kick in the face to everyone who told us we couldn’t because we’re woman.  That’s why I would give Sarah Palin a sincere hug, wipe the tears from my eyes, and say, “Thank you,  Sarah!”

John McCain, on the other hand, is someone I have admired for a long time.  I have always admired his ability to cross party lines to get things done and to fight for what he thought was right even if it meant going against the norm.  I believe that he’s a man of honor who deeply loves this country.  I don’t care if he’s in his early 70s because with age comes wisdom.  He’s proved the kind of man he is over and over again in a variety of heart-wrenching situations, and when he’s failed, he’s admitted to his folly.  I want a man of honor in the White House.  I want to shake his hand, thank him for his service, and tell him to keep fighting for the presidency.  Your fight is my fight, John McCain, otherwise I wouldn’t have given up hours of my life to volunteer for your campaign.

Truth be told, as much as I believe in the McCain/Palin ticket, I’m feeling a little red, white, and bruised.  I’m tired of going into my local “Victory Center” and making phone call after phone call to people who would rather not talk to me.  In fact, Sarah and I received four calls from the Republican Party telling us to vote for McCain, asking us to volunteer, and what not!  Ironically, one of the messages on our answering machine was left while I was volunteering.  Uh, yeah.

So, since I’m tired of getting all these ridiculous phone calls, I figure other people are tired of getting these phone calls as well.  Therefore, I feel less than excited at the prospect of making more phone calls that annoy people.  When I’ve asked if I can use my other skills, I am told that there’s nothing else I can do, but I see other people, who are unwilling to harass people for McCain, doing all sorts of other things such as greeting people at the door, putting together signs, entering data into computers, and so on.  I’ve been in there 13 times, 12 of which have been spent making calls.  I’m really getting bored…you know?  I want to be humble and to do what is asked of me, even if it seems really lame.  But just because studies say that phone calls are what win elections doesn’t mean that’s what reaches my generation.  Everyone I talk to is sick of the phone calls–I don’t want to be part of the problem.

Part of me wants to continue until the end, or at least until I leave for vacation on Nov. 1, but I’m just so sick of making phone calls.  I’m almost weary of the whole election.  I mean, it’s hard to have devoted so much time to a campaign only to hear on the news that your candidate probably won’t win the election anyway.  I’m starting to take attacks on Sarah Palin personally, like I’m a dolt for choosing to support a woman who seems like a complete idiot to so many.  Really, I just want the whole thing to be over.

Do I continue to make phone calls, even though I feel like they’re a hindrance?  Do I continue helping at the office because I want to finish what I started?  Should I demand other work?  I have no idea.  Maybe I should have attended one of the rallies in hopes that I could be encouraged by the energy of the candidates instead of sitting at home pondering what to do next.

I imagine a world without candidate phone calls, no political ads taking up commercial space when I was TV, and news about the election not dominating the headlines.  As for me, right now I’m red, white, and bruised.

A Day at the McCain/Palin Rally

8 Oct
McCains lagging in the polls?  Cant tell from this crowd!

McCain's lagging in the polls? Can't tell from this crowd!

Yikes!  Has it really been a whole entire week since I blogged?  Wow, time sure does fly by when you’re insanely busy…and this past week I was insanely busy.  Besides my usual duties (which I’ve, uh, temporarily abandoned), musician Amy Courts crashed at my pad from Thursday until Tuesday morning while she was playing some shows in the area (specifically Alive ’08 with Shirock–more pics to come).  And today I spent the day at Stabler Arena with some rabid McCain/Palin fans at a local rally.

Sarah Palin commands the crowd.

Sarah Palin commands the crowd.

It was like a rock concert for politicians, but crazier.  Plus, I had some great seats so I have the opportunity to meet Chet Beiler, who’s running for State Auditor General, Congressman Charlie Dent, and a couple of other politicians who aren’t in my voting district.  One was particularly annoying as he tried to court my vote and my writing skills.  As you all know, I can’t be won over by flattery, just cold, hard bribes (just kidding).  The Republican Party’s superstars took the stage, including Senator Arlen Spector…and some people I’ve never heard of, but they seemed important.

The expression on John McCains face = priceless.

The expression on John McCain's face = priceless.

Of course, all that was just garnish.  We were there to see John McCain and Sarah Palin (judging from the crowd frenzy and chants–we were really there to see Sarah Palin.  Shhh!  Don’t tell John).  All of a sudden the lights flashed, the music blared, and their arrival was announced–everyone went wild.  After a minute of nothingness, people started to exchange looks.  Five minutes later, people began to sit down.  At ten minutes, two waters were placed by the podium and then five minutes after that, the speeches.  Twenty minutes passed and I wondered if McCain and Palin were going to stand up the entire stadium.

Sarah Palin getting off the Straight Talk Express.

Sarah Palin fresh off the Straight Talk Express.

All of a sudden, the “Rocky” theme song echoed from the loudspeaker and the Straight Talk Express rolled into the side of the area.  I AM NOT KIDDING!  They just drove it on in there.  Sarah Palin emerged and then John McCain and his wife and one of his daughters  People were screaming, waving “Country First” signs, and chanting various things.  You would have thought the Beatles were arriving in America–again.  But,  no, this was the man who could be our next President and the woman who could be our next Vice-President.  If you thought McCain was lagging behind in the polls, you wouldn’t have been able to tell it from this crowd.

We love Sarah!

We love Sarah!

Cindy McCain spoke first.  Then Sarah Palin took the stage, and she was as every bit charming as one could imagine.  I was too busy taking pictures to pay attention, but when McCain was speaking I’m fairly certain she winked at me.

We love McCain, too!

We love McCain, too!

Again, I was taking pictures, so I didn’t catch too much of what McCain was talking about (sounded like the same ol’ stuff to me).  But one thing struck me–as McCain talked about Obama, the crowd started chanting, “Nobama! Nobama!”   McCain raised a hand in the air to quiet the chant and said that was unnecessary.  He then continued on with his speech.  I believe that his character was evidenced in this simple act.  While he may attack Obama on the issues with sometimes questionable tactics (which is more his campaign than McCain, but, yes, he “runs” his campaign), he refused to allow his speech to turn into a mockery of his opponent.  John McCain oozed class, and I smiled proudly.  At that moment, I knew exactly why I wanted McCain to be my next President, and all it took was a simple act of respect for Obama.

John McCain speaks at a rally in the Lehigh Valley.

John McCain speaks at a rally in the Lehigh Valley.

Unfortunately, I wish the crowd could have taken a lesson from McCain about respect because trying to get out of our seats and back to our cars was a nightmare.  Because my mom is disabled, I urged her to step down to the front of the bleachers to allow others to pass so we could take our time.  Wrong move!  Because McCain and Palin lingered in the crowd to sign autggraphs.  So everyone was lurching forward to get a piece of the McCain/Palin ticket, which included yelling, “Sarah!  Blow a kiss!  Do it for Trig!” Umm…yeah.  I was pushed forward by the crowd and nearly fell into the railing, but was caught by a very kind man (thank you, kind man!)  I’ve seen teenage kids waiting for autographs at rock concerts act with more civility than these grown-ups who were supposed to be civilized human beings.  Perhaps they could get some tips on celebrity etiquette from their kids.

My mom and me.

My mom and me.

Despite spending 8 hours on this rally adventure and nearly plummeting to my death (or at least hospitalization), I had a good time, saw an old friend (shout out to Erica!), and met some fairly interesting folks.  Plus, the one lone protester made for an entertaining spectacle.  My advice if you plan on attending a rally–speak loudly to cheer on your candidates and carry a very large stick to beat off the rabid McCain/Palinites.

And here are pics of the lone individual protesting the event…

Theres one in every crowd.

There's one in every crowd.

In case the sign and the insults werent enough, he also flips off the line.

In case the sign and the insults weren't enough, he also flips off the line.

Protesting without a permit is illegal so the shenanigans of the protestant are put to an end by local law enforcement.

Protesting without a permit is illegal so the shenanigans of the protestant are put to an end by local law enforcement.

Palin’s Only the VP Pick, Right?

25 Sep

Is Gov. Sarah Palin running for President or running alongside John McCain as his VP pick?  It’s hard for me to tell anymore since the media has been slamming the governor left and right (but the attacks mostly come from the left).  Why hasn’t Joe Biden been under such scrutiny?  He’ll only be a heartbeat away from the Presidency if Barack Obama wins the election, yet he can make stupid statements until the cows come home and it’s barely a blip on the political scene.

Yet Sarah Palin is being ripped apart, and some say, she’s just got to toughen up and take it like a man.  But the problem is that she’s not a man; she’s a woman.  And I believe that because she’s a woman–a conservative woman at that–that she is arguably enduring harsher criticism than any other candidate.  Take the informative news clips (teasers) on AOL.com’s main page, two articles on Sarah Palin–one about her interview with Katie Couric and another about how she was blessed by a witch hunter.  There’s also a teaser regarding David Letterman’s rant against McCain for ditching Letterman to head to Washington to deal with the budget crisis (I’ve already dealt with Letterman’s nonsense…read post).  Whoa, a politician acting political! Now if only we could get a late-night talk show host that’s actually funny…

Initially, Palin seemed to be a media darling, but all that has changed.  I even heard a “comedian” suggest that Palin’s husband is molesting her teenage daughters (“doing those girls” was how he delicately phrased it).  Umm, on what planet is that deemed acceptable?

One Fox News pundit suggested that being a woman in politics is hard and Sarah Palin needs to learn to suck it up.  However, is asking what size bra cup she wears really politics as usual?  I don’t mean to be crass, but when was the last time we ask how big Obama’s you-know-what is?  Just typing that caused my gag reflex to hop into action.

It is right to question Gov. Palin’s experience–does she have what it takes to be a heartbeat away from the presidency?  Is she a good diplomat?  Will she be able to handle herself with foreign leaders?  Or maybe we should ask, are foreign leaders ready to handle her?  Pakistani President Asif Ali Zardari called Palin “gorgeous” and is also quoted in Newsday as saying, “Now I know why all of American is crazy about you.”  Sorry, Mr. Pakistani President, all of America is not crazy about Palin (video below.  I think she handles herself masterfully!  What would *you* say if you were hit on by the President of Pakistan?) Of course, being as Zardari is the widower of the dazzling Benazir Bhutto (read my posts: “The Beauty of Benazir Bhutto” and “The Woman Who the Terrorists Feared Most“), he’s not one to be intimidated by beautiful or powerful women.

However, it’s the other rhetoric regarding Sarah Palin that makes me angry.  Yes, she’s beautiful and she’s from Alaska.  So what?  Growing up in a small town doesn’t diminish her intelligence (though some have suggested otherwise) and “straight talk” actually endears her to the people.  Generally, political speeches engage me for the first ten minutes then my mind starts to wander.  Sarah Palin, on the other hand, fascinated me.  She engaged me.  She made everyone care about presidential race again.  But that was so last week.

As soon as she was viewed a viable threat to the potential Obama presidency, the media turned on Palin–viciously.  They make pitbulls and hockey moms with or without lipstick look scary.  While Sarah Palin may be used to such attacks, I’m taking it personally.  I’m so tired of the media telling me who I should or should not vote for when clearly Obama is the favorite–his face is plastered all over Facebook and AOL and the news.  His associations with folks like Rev. Wright and others is just dust under the rug.  His qualifications are called into question, but Palin’s resume seems to be getting a tougher critique, which makes me wonder–Palin’s only the VP pick, right?

Read “I Hate You Sarah Palin” by the National Review’s self-proclaimed liberal writer David Kahane.  It’s a very interesting column. Here’s an excerpt: “So that’s why we hate you, Sarah Marshall Palin. We hate you because you remind the other side of their wives, their girlfriends, their daughters, and make them want to fight for you against our sneers and our smears.”

Finding the Force and Palin Power

15 Sep

My friend Cal gave me a heads-up about the JediGym videos on YouTube, which are–I’m not gonna lie–strange. I tend to stay more on the fantasty side of the genre, so I’m not a big Star Wars fan.  However, I’ve sort of developed a bit of a crush on Master Flynn, which means I need to post this series promo below in hopes that he will find me and whisk me away in his space-rider-thingie.  Yeah.

Oh, and Cal, thanks for telling me I wasn’t wasting my time making Palin Power ads!

Yes, I really did make this!  I will master Photoshop yet!

Yes, I really did make this! I will master Photoshop yet!

Letterman: After McCain Drops Dead, Palin Won’t Teach Sex Ed

4 Sep

So I was watching “The O’Reilly Factor” to see Bill O’Reilly’s interview with Barack Obama when he showed a clip from “The David Letterman Show” airing on Sept. 3.  In the clip, Letterman is chatting with Dr. Phil McGraw about Republican Vice-Presidential nominee Sarah Palin and her pregnant teen daughter.

Letterman sets it up like this, “Here’s the first thing that came to my mind–OK, so poor John McCain drops dead in office. He gets elected and drops dead.  It’s happened!  I think Grover Cleveland dropped dead in office, I don’t know.  So now she’s the President and I’m thinking to myself, so she’s the president, fine, but don’t you want your President to have had the presence of mind to have chatted to her teenage kids for five minutes about birth control?”

Dr. Phil responded by saying (this is paraphrased), “Whoa, Dave, just wait until your kid becomes a teenager, and we can contiue this discussion then!”  The joke basically bombed, but apparently true wit isn’t one of Letterman’s strong points (guess he has to use the teleprompter).  He then asked, “They don’t sell Trojan condoms in Alaska?”  Further pressing the issue, Letterman suggests that Sarah Palin probably forced abstinence on her daughter, didn’t teach her about birth control, and that’s why Bristol Palin got pregnant!  (Don’t believe me?  Go here to watch a clip of the show.  The part I’m discussing starts at the 4:38 minute marker and continues on until the end.  Yes, over four minutes of this nonsense!)

First of all, I find it offensive that Letterman would suggest that McCain would just drop dead once he gets into office because he is in his early 70’s.  Did anyone get a load of his mom, Roberta?  The lady is 96 and as spry as a 50 year-old!  While I know that Letterman is edgy, that statement seemed rude, even for him.

Second, Letterman assumes that the Palins didn’t teach their children about responsible sex because their daughter is pregnant.  Guess what, Dave?  Girls who wear condoms (and use birth control) can still get pregnant.  Amazing how that works!  Besides, even if the Palins didn’t talk to Bristol about sex, I’m sure her public education told her all about the dangers of pre-marital sex.  I’m willing to bet she even got to practice putting a condom on a banana.

Third, I can’t believe he blamed “abstinence” for her pregnancy saying that she was less likely to use a condom!  Just because she was told to abstain (if she was told to abstain), doesn’t mean she listened.  What if her boyfriend kept a condom in his wallet “just in case”?   While I’m abstaining from premarital sex, I’m not so naive as to think that people don’t have sex, even if they’re told abstinence is a better choice.  And really, what does that have to do with anything, much less Palin’s vice-presidential nomination?

Fourth, why is he trying to drag poor Dr. Phil into his nonsense?  At one point, the audience actually went silent, probably because Letterman’s rant was so mean-spirited.

Some rags and media outlets seem to be having a field day with Sarah Palin’s personal life, which is interesting because I don’t recall Joe Biden receiving this much attention.  And Obama was raised by a single mom who had Barack when she was 18, didn’t she?  Hmm, why does Letterman seem so ignorant of that fact, or does his show exist to simply spew stupidity?

Ignorant or stupid–take your pick.

According to my friend Derek (he’s just a wealth of information lately, isn’t he?), Letterman isn’t the only host that is down on Palin.  Apparently Oprah refuses to be “fair and balanced” and interview Palin on her show.  Read about it here.

For an insightful post on Sarah Palin and women in leadership, check out Jonalyn Fincher’s “Sarah Palin- Integrating Work and Home.”

CNN’s Big Oopsie and the Power of the Camera

3 Sep

My astute friend Derek caught this graphic and posted it on his blog.  Brilliant!  I know McCain is a maverick who’s not into bipartisan politics, but how did he manage to snag both parties nominations?  This should make the Presidential a cake walk for the guy.  And what’s up with the guy who has the upside down prosperity sign?

If like me you have watched the Democratic National Convention last week and are watching the Republican National Convention this week, you know that there are similarities between both conventions.  Each convention has speakers that makes clever jabs at the opposing party (although I have to hand it to the RNC for some real humdingers!), delivers a star-studded political affair, and has an audience that dresses in odd fashions (read post).  But you know what else they have?  Hilarious audience shots!

As good as Sarah Palin’s speech was–and it was excellent–I couldn’t help but notice the people in the audience (especially since they were, you know, they were on the screen).  One shot showed Palin’s youngest daughter cradling her four month-old baby brother.  Like a good little sister, she licked her fingers to smooth down the baby’s out of place follicles!  Another shot heralded a man who was a fellow P.O.W. with McCain–that man received a well-deserved standing ovation as tears poured down his cheeks. Or how about how Cindy McCain beamed as her husband took the stage?

Despite all these momentous scenes, there are a couple that keep me amused over and over again–people who don’t know they are on camera (which is especially funny if they look bored or are picking their noses) and people who know they are on camera so they make silly faces.  It’s a never-ending parade of humanity right there.  As FNC’s Brit Hume and his round table discussed the merits of Palin’s speech, a group of boys in their late teens cheesed it up for the camera.  Earlier as another anchor spoke, various people were on their cell phones pretending to have important conversations, but we all know they called home to tell their moms they were on T.V.  I love it (probably because I do the same thing!)

We humans are funny creatures and we are in rare form when thrust into the spotlight, even if it’s only for 15 seconds.  I enjoy watching people receive their share of fame–all the way from Sarah Palin to the old guy wearing the enormous Uncle Sam hat.  Sometimes being human makes me laugh because we can all be so silly, even when we’re being serious.

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