Palin’s Only the VP Pick, Right?

Is Gov. Sarah Palin running for President or running alongside John McCain as his VP pick?  It’s hard for me to tell anymore since the media has been slamming the governor left and right (but the attacks mostly come from the left).  Why hasn’t Joe Biden been under such scrutiny?  He’ll only be a heartbeatContinue reading “Palin’s Only the VP Pick, Right?”

Letterman: After McCain Drops Dead, Palin Won’t Teach Sex Ed

So I was watching “The O’Reilly Factor” to see Bill O’Reilly’s interview with Barack Obama when he showed a clip from “The David Letterman Show” airing on Sept. 3.  In the clip, Letterman is chatting with Dr. Phil McGraw about Republican Vice-Presidential nominee Sarah Palin and her pregnant teen daughter. Letterman sets it up likeContinue reading “Letterman: After McCain Drops Dead, Palin Won’t Teach Sex Ed”