Feature:: Paul Baloche: The Same Love

“There are a lot of songs about the Cross on this record. People are almost apologetic about it, and yet I feel challenged not to shrink from it. Our tendency is to make our language inclusive and seeker friendly. And I get that, but we also need songs that point to the truth of theContinue reading “Feature:: Paul Baloche: The Same Love”

Take 5 with worship leader Matt Redman

Every week at church services, youth group meetings, on the radio, and in our home, millions of people probably sing a worship song written or influenced by UK-born worship leader, Matt Redman.  Known for such songs as “The Heart of Worship,” “Blessed Be Your Name,” “You Never Let Go,” and a slew of others, RedmanContinue reading “Take 5 with worship leader Matt Redman”

Take 5 with Phillip LaRue

I remember seeing LaRue in concert when I was 21.  My single female friends and I all commented how we wanted to meet a guy like Phillip LaRue—who loved God, sang, played guitar, and had cool hair.  His sister, Natalie, seemed pretty hip, too.  But, really, we were all about the male half of theContinue reading “Take 5 with Phillip LaRue”

Rush of Fools’ Confounded Plans

By Amy Sondova Twenty-one year-old Wes Willis had big plans for his life. “All my life, since I was five, I played baseball,” he says. “That was my plan and that was my dream—to play baseball professionally.” Unlike many dreams, Willis’ was in reach with his .341 batting average and his records of leading hisContinue reading “Rush of Fools’ Confounded Plans”

Grey Holiday: The Outtakes

By Amy Sondova Being on a conference call with Grey Holiday’s Matt Minor and R.T. Bodet is something that everyone should be able to experience. If you’re going to do an interview with a band, you should definitely talk to two band members at the same time to add to the chaos and confusion. ToContinue reading “Grey Holiday: The Outtakes”

Grey Holiday’s Glorious Revolution

By Amy Sondova Rarely, if ever, do musicians start a band with a bass player who’s never played bass and a drummer who’s never actually drummed. Yet that’s exactly how Grey Holiday got its start—with four friends, Matt Minor (vocals, keys, guitar), Steven Bedingfield (guitar, electronics, programming), R.T. Bodet (bass), and Josh Fenoglio (drums), whoContinue reading “Grey Holiday’s Glorious Revolution”