April Music Review Wrap-Up

I get a lot of great pre-releases each and every month, but being a one-woman operation makes it difficult to do reviews and “Take 5’s” with all these great artists.  So at the end of each month, I’m going to try to do a wrap-up on what’s been released. Last Tuesday (April 21), Jars ofContinue reading “April Music Review Wrap-Up”

Welcome back to the new Backseat Writer!

For those of you who’ve been following the first year of Backseat Writer, I’m sure you’ll agree it’s been a long couple of months.  And in case you missed it, I’ve changed the format to a one-woman show with the occassional guest poster (read “Two Shall Become One” to catch up).  Oh, we’re going toContinue reading “Welcome back to the new Backseat Writer!”

Review:: X: Christmas – Tooth and Nail Records

By Moriah Coxen Anytime you ask a rock ‘n’ roll band to cover a classic Christmas song, you’re going to get something interesting.  Tooth and Nail Records’ (T&N) X: Christmas compilation, a follow-up to Happy Christmas, is no exception. Creativity:: 10 This album does not disappoint with The Almost (Aaron Gillespie) covering “The Little DrummerContinue reading “Review:: X: Christmas – Tooth and Nail Records”

Brandon Heath :: Social Activist

By Amy Sondova Fresh from Ireland and getting ready to play at a convention in Orlando, Brandon Heath caught up with me on his way to a sound check. “I actually called you 10 minutes late on my schedule,” he sheepishly admits. Such is the busy life of a musician on the precipice of releasingContinue reading “Brandon Heath :: Social Activist”

Brandon Heath: Missional Musician

Written in April 2007 By Amy Sondova Three months ago recording artist Brandon Heath was at a Kenyan clinic sharing information on breast-feeding with HIV-infected mothers. But on the day of this interview, Heath is in Dallas chatting on his cell phone from a Target parking lot only an hour before catching a plane toContinue reading “Brandon Heath: Missional Musician”

Music Review: Ringing in Christmas

Written in December 2007 By Amy Sondova The sounds of the season are all around us—screaming kids who can’t wait for Santa, blaring horns from traffic jams in mall parking lots, the sound of the Christmas tree being knocked over by the pet. Ah, Christmas! But fortunately you can cover all that pesky background noiseContinue reading “Music Review: Ringing in Christmas”

Top 10 Best Christmas Songs

I’ve told you what songs I don’t get, but here are a few of the songs I love! 1. “I Celebrate the Day” by Relient K One of the best Christmas songs ever written. Full of meaning and wonder, Matt Thiessen is a gifted lyricist. 2. “Born to Die” by Bebo Norman Off of Bebo’sContinue reading “Top 10 Best Christmas Songs”