Netbooks 101:: Let’s Get Technical—What is a Netbook? (Part 1)

Since I just got a netbook, I thought, “Hey, what if other people are looking for netbooks and are just as confused as I was?”  Fear not, friends, I am here to share all I learned with you.  Let’s get started on Part 1—what are netbooks? No doubt you have heard of the trendy littleContinue reading “Netbooks 101:: Let’s Get Technical—What is a Netbook? (Part 1)”

Hitchhiking with ASBO Jesus Founder Jon Birch

All cartoons are courtesy of ASBO Jesus’ Jon Birch.  Click on the image to view the cartoon in full, and check out all of Jon’s work at By Amy Sondova ASBO Jesus is a phenomenon not even founder Jon Birch saw coming.  His site speaks about controversial issues in the church such as femaleContinue reading “Hitchhiking with ASBO Jesus Founder Jon Birch”

Anything But Sunny

Oh, my blogger friends, does anything anger you more than regular comments from anonymous posters?  I’ve had one that’s been coming by for a few months known only as “Sunshine”.  One time when I tried to e-mail “Sunshine,” the e-mail bounced back.  It seems his or her e-mail address was a phony…surprise, surprise! Sunshine’s commentsContinue reading “Anything But Sunny”

Justice For Megan Long Overdue

Megan Meier, 13. Back in December, I blogged about Megan Meier, a beautiful 13 year-old girl who committed suicide after being spurned by her Myspace boyfriend (read “Megan’s MySpace Suicide“).  Megan’s “boyfriend” wasn’t a boy at all, but Megan’s neighbor, Lori Drew, pretending to be a boy interested in Megan.  The sickest part is thatContinue reading “Justice For Megan Long Overdue”

Guest Post:: Lights, Camera, Action!

By Derek Tang, Guest Blogger Look closely. Do you see a very disturbing common thread among all these statements? “One [student] recorded [the fight] on a cell phone. The video was posted on the Internet and turned it over to police…”, “Madison County school officials are investigating who posted a beating online…”, “[a] YouTube videoContinue reading “Guest Post:: Lights, Camera, Action!”

I Grew Up Online

It wasn’t until I went to college that everyone else was online (I was online at 14). I even participated in some, uh, inappropriate chats. Nothing too crazy happened, but I was a pretty mild girl. However, a lot of my friends were not mild and became enamored with Internet pornography. Keep in mind thatContinue reading “I Grew Up Online”

Stop Being a Jerk, Part 4 (Scammer Edition)

You’re sitting at your computer checking your e-mail for the fourth time in five minutes when a new message appears in your inbox. You eagerly open the message to discover that you could get 40% of $6.5 million. Now, who doesn’t want 40% of $6.5 million? I know I do. Unfortunately, the e-mail is partContinue reading “Stop Being a Jerk, Part 4 (Scammer Edition)”

Teenagers, Think Before You Post

I was reading a blurb about High School Musical 1 & 2 star Vanessa Hudgens on and came across this PSA urging teens to think before they post. The folks at were trying to be cute posting the PSA with a tidbit about how Hudgens regrets having nude photos taken of her backContinue reading “Teenagers, Think Before You Post”

Law Limited in Cyberstalking Cases

The problem that prosecutor Jack Banas is running into the case against Lori Drew is a legal one. (If you have no idea what I’m talking about, read my post “Megan’s MySpace Suicide” and this Fox News article about the case.) There are no laws on which he can bring charges against Drew and herContinue reading “Law Limited in Cyberstalking Cases”

Megan’s MySpace Suicide

It all started last year after 13 year-old Megan Meier committed suicide after being dumped by her MySpace boyfriend, “Josh”. Strangely enough, “Josh” turned out to Lori Drew, a mother who wanted to know what Megan was saying online about Drew’s daughter. Drew also enlisted the help of her daughter and an 18 year-old boyContinue reading “Megan’s MySpace Suicide”