Take 5 with Mandy Parsons, Owner of Savvy Media Solutions

Mandy Parsons is one of the coolest people in the Christian music industry.  Here’s why—after I chose to return to the world of journalism, specifically in the Christian music market, Mandy was one of the first publicists to help me out.  Because of her, I was able to schedule reviews and interviews with some ofContinue reading “Take 5 with Mandy Parsons, Owner of Savvy Media Solutions”

Tree 63: Sunday Has Come!

Written in Fall 2007 By Amy Sondova South Africa is a country more likely to be visited by a church group on a mission trip than an internationally known rock band. But that is exactly where Tree63’s John Ellis took his family for vacation. Of course, Ellis (lead vocals, guitar) and his Tree63 comrades, DanielContinue reading “Tree 63: Sunday Has Come!”