Take 10 with Phil Wickham

A creator of musical masterpieces, Phil Wickham released his third studio album, Heaven and Earth (INO/Columbia), in November to critical acclaim.   The record’s message to Christians is that they’re part of an eternal story in which they were created by God with a purpose and a future.  To kick the new year off right, IContinue reading “Take 10 with Phil Wickham”

Sara Groves:: Honest Reflections on the Church, Songwriting and Fireflies

By Wes Pickering, special to Backseat Writer I somehow managed to get the AM and PM reversed on my alarm clock again.  So, when my phone rang at 10:23, I jolted awake with that sickly “I’m late!” feeling.  I shook myself and answered the phone with my best I’ve-been-awake-for-hours-and-I’m-totally-professional voice. “Hello, this is Wes.” “Hi,Continue reading “Sara Groves:: Honest Reflections on the Church, Songwriting and Fireflies”

Take 5 with Jonny Diaz

While many baseball teams started training for their 2009 season, Jonny Diaz was putting the final touches on his latest album, More Beautiful You.  The project, the fifth for this talented singer/songwriter, is also Jonny’s debut on INO Records.  Jonny never planned to release this project on a major label; God made it happen.  JustContinue reading “Take 5 with Jonny Diaz”

Review: Addison Road (self-titled)

  3.18.08 Release By Amy Sondova Addison Road was the result of a happy accident—Jenny and Ryan Simmons (yes, they’re married) were offered a $500 singing gig for their band. The only problem was they didn’t have a band. Hurriedly assembling Ryan Gregg, bassist Travis Lawrence, and drummer Jeff Sutton—Addison Road was born. Six yearsContinue reading “Review: Addison Road (self-titled)”