Threads of Hope tickets on sale today & a message from singer/songwriter Josh Wilson!

Today’s the day!  Head on over to to purchase your tickets.  Watch this message from Josh Wilson for all the other pertinent details–like how to get his album for free!

WHAT?! Hitler’s Meim Kampf for Inspiration & Jimi Hendrix a Child’s Role Model?!

This is ridiculous!  First, business student in India are buying  Adolf Hitler’s autobiography for inspiration and now educators in San Francisco are hailing Jimi Hendrix as a great role model.  Is it me or has the world gone completely mad? To the students in India, Meim Kampf is not a book on business organization strategies,Continue reading “WHAT?! Hitler’s Meim Kampf for Inspiration & Jimi Hendrix a Child’s Role Model?!”

Because It’s National Adoption Month

“When Love Takes You In” (Steven Curtis Chapman) By Alyssa Bjornstad Adoption in America is often presented as a “caring option.” However, in developing countries, like India, where I was born, adoption means hope and life. India is more than just another poverty ridden country. Due to the AIDS pandemic, it currently has the largestContinue reading “Because It’s National Adoption Month”

Music Review: Kingdom of Comfort by Delirious?

4.1.08 Release By Amy Sondova What began in 1992 as a trio of guys working together to play at a local event for youth has translated into the worldwide success of Delirious?. The U.K. worship band comprised of Martin Smith (guitars/vocals), Tim Jupp (keys), Stew Smith (drums), Stu G (guitar), and Jon Thatcher (bass) hasContinue reading “Music Review: Kingdom of Comfort by Delirious?”