Friday Faves: The Apocalyse Edition

Well, friends, I’m sorry to say this could be the last edition of “Friday Faves,” which makes me even sadder that I skipped this feature last week.  But, alas, the world is coming to an end this Saturday, May 21, at 6 PM (or there abouts.  You can’t put too fine a time on theContinue reading “Friday Faves: The Apocalyse Edition”

Take 5 with Jon Acuff of Stuff Christians Like

Stuff Christians Like (SCL) is a fast-growing site that takes a satirical and honest view of Christian pop culture.  Started in March 2008, site founder Jon Acuff decided to put an evangelical twist on the wildly popular blog, Stuff White People Like.  Writing with wit and sensitivity, Acuff has engaged readers with over 500 (almostContinue reading “Take 5 with Jon Acuff of Stuff Christians Like”

How to Stay Hitched

Follow these tips to stay married and this is how you’ll spend your golden years! In March, we covered the topic, “How to Be Irresistible to Men”.  If you missed the post, it’s OK.  You can go back and read it here, and then catch up with us. In the two months since last weContinue reading “How to Stay Hitched”

Life Lessons Began in My Family’s Ark

I was a weird kid. I was talking to Sarah this morning about things I did when I was a little girl. This conversation was sprung off an earlier conversation about funny things kids do during church musicals. I recounted a story to Sarah about a little girl who lifted up her dress during aContinue reading “Life Lessons Began in My Family’s Ark”

A really STUPID site

It looks like it was created by a bunch of junior high school boys hopped up on Red Bull; it’s called and it compiles all the stupidest merchandise on the internet all in one place.  There’s even a section of “Stocking Stuffers” to aid in all your holiday shopping. Some of my favorite stupidContinue reading “A really STUPID site”