Sharon, the Oklahoma Rose

On April 13, 2004 the official state flower of Oklahoma became the “Oklahoma rose”. Since Sharon was an avid gardener, it is only appropriate that this blog entry be titled after one of Oklahoma’s most beautiful roses, Sharon Hart. UPDATE 1/10/07 @ 2 PM EST: Jen’s mother, Sharon Hart, was ushered into the arms ofContinue reading “Sharon, the Oklahoma Rose”

Kitty of “Death” Voted Top Weird News Story of Year

AP News Oscar the cat bides his time at a nursing home in Providence, R.I. making the rounds, eating cat food, and curling up with those who are dying.  The two year-old tabby was adopted from a local humane society as a kitten and brought to the nursing home to cheer up residents.  Yet theContinue reading “Kitty of “Death” Voted Top Weird News Story of Year”