Guest Post: Christa Allan on Writing

If I’d been more serious about writing a book years ago, I’d have a much cleaner house. No, not because I would have sold millions and been able to afford a full-time housekeeper. The good news/bad news is that I could have accomplished the turbo-clean without publication. It seems that all I have to doContinue reading “Guest Post: Christa Allan on Writing”

Blog Tour + Review: The Edge of Grace by Christa Allan

Join Christa Allan, author of the contemporary fiction novel, The Edge of Grace (Abingdon Press), as she virtually tours the blogosphere September 5 – 30 2011 on her second virtual book tour with Pump Up Your Book! About the book… When Caryn Becker answers the telephone on most Saturday morning, it’s generally not a preludeContinue reading “Blog Tour + Review: The Edge of Grace by Christa Allan”

Book Review:: Fall to Grace by Jay Bakker

I don’t care that he is divorced, tattooed, pierced, or the son of Jim and Tammy Faye Bakker. In fact, all these things make Jay Bakker more interesting to me.  It was with this fascination that I began reading Bakker’s new book, Fall to Grace. In the book, Bakker writes in a conversational tone, evenContinue reading “Book Review:: Fall to Grace by Jay Bakker”

Why do gay people need to be married?

I’m serious; that is the question.  See, I can understand two homosexuals wanting to be united to show their love and commitment to one another through a ceremony of sorts.  I acknowledge that same-sex couples want a legal union that allows one’s partner to visit his or her beloved in the hospital, allows a partnerContinue reading “Why do gay people need to be married?”