Book Review:: Apologetics For A New Generation by Sean McDowell

I’ve been peeling away the layers of apologetics for weeks, only to find more layers.  It’s not that Apologetics For A New Generation (Harvest House/ is filled with hard-to-understand concepts or tricky theology, for the most part; it’s just full of information.  The book’s general editor, Sean McDowell, brought together various experts to write eachContinue reading “Book Review:: Apologetics For A New Generation by Sean McDowell”

Review:: Painting Revelation Teaching DVD

I know there are many others like me—who want to learn about Revelation but are tired of arguing about a pre-, mid-, or post-tribulation rapture.  We’re not interested in eschatology arguments as much as trying to understand—to picture—what John was trying to pass on to future generations in his writings.  Artist Debby Topliff decided itContinue reading “Review:: Painting Revelation Teaching DVD”