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SNL Spoof with Palin/Clinton Sexism Message

19 Sep

I’ve been talking to people about last week’s “Saturday Night Live” episode starring Tina Fey as “Sarah Palin” and Amy Poehler as “Hillary Clinton” making a public service announcement about sexism.  As it turns out, a lot of you didn’t get a chance to see it yet, so here it is in full.  Incidentally, you can check out both ladies in their movie Baby Mama, which was just released to video.  They’re a great comedy team!


Cute, Cuddly Take-Home Obama (and Hillary)

29 Aug

I know what you’re thinking–“Barack Obama is just so darn cute I wish that someone would make a plush cartoon-like doll out of him so I could take him home!”  Well, you’re in luck because someone out there heard you and did just that…and even made a stuffed Hillary, too.  Where can you get the little dickens?  At one of those of those “claw grab” vending machines near you (see picture below).

This particular claw grab machine was located at Ollies in Allentown.

This particular claw grab machine was located at Ollie's in Allentown. I drew a circle and arrows to point out the plush Democratic candidates.

For a mere 50 cents, you, too, can take home a plush rendition of the man who just may be the next President of the United States or of a former First Lady.  I was tempted to try to “grab ’em”, but I never win at those things.  And I’m wondering, where’s the McCain plush?  Isn’t he cute and cuddly enough?  Wouldn’t people want to use “the claw” to fish him out of the mess of stuffed animals?

Heres Obama flanked by two Hillarys.  Is it me or are Hillarys cheek reminiscent of a chipmunk?

Here's Obama flanked by two Hillarys. Is it me or are Hillary's cheeks reminiscent of a chipmunk?

And just think if my mom hadn’t abandoned me at the check-out counter on our afternoon shopping excursion, I might not have been idling around the front of the store for 15 minutes bored out of my mind.  Boy, was I glad I had my camera on hand!

Here they are again, the two BFFs, side-by-side, in their plush likeness

Here they are again, the two BFF's, side-by-side, in their plush likeness

However, the SugarLoaf Co. that owns this machine isn’t the first to pay tribute to Obama in plush form.  Hero Builders began crafting action figures of all sorts of political and pop culture celebrities, including the Obamakinz (see below).  You can order your Hillary and McCain plush, too!

So hop on over to Hero Builders or stop by one of your local claw machines to get a plush Presidential candidate today…so you can always have something to remember him or her by!  Oh, and win me one, too.  I think they’re hilarious.

Voting:: American Idol vs. American President

4 Jun

By Andrew J. Wilhelm Congratulations to the latest “American Idol” David Cook, who received the majority of the 99.7 million votes cast. While the inconvenience of college cut into my T.V. viewing, , I am a big fan of the show. The overall premise of the show, to give an amateur singer the chance of a lifetime, is a good one. It is also one that the American public can buy into–who doesn’t want dreams to come true? Still, 99.7 million is a daunting number! Since fans of the show can vote mutliple times, it doesn’t accurately reflect the actual number of viewers. Yet “American Idol” finales typically garner around 30 million viewers. Having 10% percent of the country captivated by a single television show is pretty impressive. Props to Simon, Paula, and Randy!

Although the 2004 presidential election garnered 40% of eligible voter turnout, “American Idol” judge Simon Cowell almost always gets more Americans to vote than political candidates. Primaries, even in this extra-thrilling campaign season, often struggle to reach double digits. Most people just don’t care enough to drive to the polling station and hit a button. Why are people more willing to vote for the nation’s next rock star, but seem lackadaisical about picking the next leader of the country? While his good looks and throaty vocals may make David Cook the next big thing; he’s not attempting to rule the free world (by political force anyway). Why do American citizens have more interest in pop stars than presidents?

I decided to ask a few of my friends, mostly college students like myself, about this issue and have elicited several interesting answers to my inquiry.

The most popular answer was that politics is “boring.” A vague expression, but one I’ll try to uncover more fully. Most people fall into three categories of “political boredom”: they believe their single vote couldn’t possibly make a difference; they simply don’t understand government workings and don’t care to learn; or they have been disenchanted because of corruption, scandals, etc. In fact, among those who choose not to vote, I would conjecture that all three possibilities would apply.

I have heard an enormous amount of people say that they are unhappy with our current options–John McCain, Barack Obama, and Hillary Clinton, who’s hanging on by the skin of her teeth. Their remedy to such disdain is to simply not vote. I’d urge everyone to at least limit the damage by voting for whoever they deem the lesser of the two (or three) “evils”.

The weather also has a lot to do with whether or not people show up to the polls. A sunny, pleasant day can yield up to twice the voters as a cold, rainy day. Lame? I sure think so. Unfortunately, Americans have become uncontrollably lazy. They are used to being able to do everything from the comfort of their own La-Z-Boy. What if voting could be done via the Internet or even text messiaging, as in “American Idol”? These are possibilities that would dramatically change the voting landscape, but must be explored to keep up with this generation’s demands. Can you imagine Hillary standing on stage urging viewers to vote for her by calling 1-888-PREZ-001?

The level of disengagement from politics is being felt as severely as ever. Some everyday Americans–the ones who who go to work, pick up the kids from school, go to bed, only to repeat the process don’t have a clue what’s happening in Washington. But the politicians don’t seem to know what’s going on in middle America either. Like the a monarchy, the wealthiest tend to rule (and make the rules for) big-time politics It seems our government will be ruled by older, wealthy, white men in the foreseeable future, which doesn’t bode well for the “American Idol” voting crowd. In fact, many might want to replace the President, Congress, and Supreme Court with the checks-and-balances of Simon Cowell, Paula Abdul, and Randy Jackson, with AI host Ryan Seacrest as press secretary naturally.

In fact, the start-up of “American Idol” is arguably the best part of the show, and a lot more exciting than the primaries. The show’s preliminary auditions present viewers with freaks and tone deaf contestants that give us all a chuckle. After that, a few contestants who can actually sing make it through to the voting stages. Each contestants has his or her unique personality, hair style, vocal range, personal story, and connection with viewers. Not so in politics. While there has been some diversity in this year’s presidential election, politics is sill mostly wealthy white men who enjoy listening and arguing with other wealthy white men. Those who push the envelope threaten this hierarchy of power and can rarely penetrate the deep layers of aged power in Washington.

When it comes down to “American Idol” versus the American President, it seems we choose entertainment over politics, unless of course there’s a political scandal brewing. Nothing shoots up ratings like an old-fashioned affair or deep-seeded corruption. I enjoy “American Idol” as much as anyone else. In fact, I’ve for more AI contestants than politicians. In all fairness, I’m 19 and have only been eligible to vote a couple of times. I have voted every time since registering to vote and was proud to do so.

Though it’s a little more time-consuming to research and uncover the candidates’ positions, policies, and experiences, it is of the utmost importance. “American Idol” simply feeds its audience with stories, songs, flashing lights, and snarky judges; your vote only makes a super star. Despite dissatisfaction with politics and awe at “American Idol”, it is essential for Americans to get off their couches, put down their remotes, and head to the polls. As the United States continues to be the dominant force in the world; your vote will not only impact you, but millions around the globe. If you have the power to turn an obscure rocker into an “American Idol”, you have the chance to turn a candidate of your voice into the next American President.

Andrew Wilhelm is a sophomore at Wheaton College majoring in political science with a minor in economics. His two main passions are playing piano and golf. He also enjoys learning about and analyzing trends in culture, economics, and politics. For some strange reason, he consistently refuses to send his Nintendo Wii to Amy.

Print copy of Scribble.

Andrew Wilhelm a sophomore at Wheaton College majoring in political science with a minor in economics. His two main passions are playing piano and golf. He also enjoys learning about and analyzing trends in culture, economics, and politics.

The McCain Girls vs. The Obama Girl vs. The Hillary Kid

14 Apr

I don’t know if you’ve heard of the “McCain Girls”–a trio of ladies who have made two videos in support McCain (read more) and the “The Obama Girl” who seems to have a thing for Barack Obama. The McCain Girls, who sing “Raining McCain” and “Here Comes McCain Again” are part of the humor website 23/6, which is poking fun at campaign songs. The Obama Girl, Amber Lee Ettinger, sports a shirt reading “I’ve Got a Crush on Obama” in her video, and was voted as one of the sexiest women on the web. So, who could win in a battle of the McCain Girls vs. the Obama Girl? While the McCain Girls have the advantage of being a trio, they really can’t sing on-key, and don’t have as much sex appeal as the Obama Girl, who sings slightly better. Truth be told, the Obama Girl’s son is flat-out better lyrically and musically. Plus, that Obama Girl is scrappy–I think she could definitely beat the McCain Girls in a fight. Yet i love how the McCain Girls represent a wider demographic, and they’re not, uh, skanky. Maybe sexy sells, but I sure wish that Obama Girl would cover up. How is having hot chicks sexualize your campaign going to win votes? Not sure, but I will say this Amber Lee Ettinger seems like a nice girl, and the video is pretty amusing. I’m not sure what “girl” I am anymore. Then there’s this random rockin’ kid who likes Hilary, who’s the best of the lot. Unfortunately, I think he’s underaged (jail bait!), but man, this kid can rock. I think he can take ’em all on. See him below…

NY State Governor Eliot Spitzer Expected to Resign After Sealed Complaint

10 Mar

Tomorrow’s Mississippi primary election may very well be overshadowed by the shocking news of Governor Eliot Spitzer of New York’s predicted resignation. Spitzer, who apologized to his family today after being issued a federal criminal complaint (not the indictment reported by some media outlets, but an indictment could come later) by the southern district of New York for alleged involvement in an interstate prostitution ring. The announcement was brief, lasting only seconds. In fact, it was so fast that many news outlets didn’t even realize that it was happening.

Elected in 2006, Spitzer had built his campaign platform on being hard on corporate crime while Attorney General of New York; he was also a prosecutor in the southern district of New York. According to Fox News, Spitzer was “Client #9” after a sting operation busted the high class prostitution called The Emperor’s Club, located in Washington, D.C. Phone records indicate that Spitzer arranged for female companionship while still in New York, passed money for these services over state lines, and texting–making the crime an interstate federal matter. Ironically, Spitzer’s name is not mentioned in the complaint, but is only referred to as “Client #9”.

The Democratic governor was an avid supporter of Hillary Clinton, who received the spotlight in recent months for his support of legislation that would allow illegal aliens to get driver’s licenses in the state of New York. After a public outcry, Spitzer withdrew the legislation.

As of 7:00 PM EST, Fox News is reporting that Spitzer’s resignation letter will be complete and Lt. Governor David Patterson will take the helm. The resignation letter must be notarized and presented to other officials in New York state government to become official. (full story).


I know that Spitzer may have committed a federal crime, but is sleeping with a prostitute for $5500 in The Mayflower Hotel in Washington, D.C. that big of a deal? It’s definitely immoral, sinful, and disgusting, but does it make him less of a governor? It does because it’s a criminal activity. Spitzer took an oath to uphold the laws of the land, and if he did commit this act with a prostitute, he knowingly violated his oath. But if he just met a woman in D.C., had sexual relations with her, and went on with his life, it would be scandalous, but not criminal. If you’re going to arrange to have a sexual encounter out of state, make sure that you don’t pay your partner for his or her services (or in the Oval Office, like a certain former president). Seriously, he’s a governor, couldn’t he get someone to sleep with him for free? And as a former prosecutor, he knew the law very, very well (and also knew that even if the prostitution ring was busted chances are that the clientele wouldn’t do time, just the, uh, ladies of the night).

Unfortunately, male (and female) politicians who don’t pay for one-night stands get off easy–for the most part, even though allegations of sexual scandal can ruin a politician’s career. Yet the unsung affairs of the average man or woman ruin families. While these actions are not punishable by human law, they are just as devastating.

Not only did Spitzer allegedly violate his oath of office, but he violated the oath he took to be faithful to his wife on the day they were married. That is an offense punishable not in a court of law, but another court entirely.

Super Tuesday: All the Hype Money Can Buy

5 Feb

UPDATE: I found this little diddy by Brandon Barker about John Mellencamp telling John McCain to stop using his songs at campaign rallies.  Watch the David Hassellfhoff video, “Looking For Freedom”.  This is a hilarious post!

Isn’t Super Tuesday exciting?

This morning on Fox News I got to see Barack Obama, Ann Coulter, Nancy Pelosi, and Mike Huckabee all interviewed within the course of an hour or two. I was in and out, so who knows what other political celebrities showed up?

I was also excited to learn that with all the drama playing out on the political field, Pennsylvania’s April primary might actually matter. Who’ve thunk it?

You can talk politics with your real friends, so I’ve been doing just that with my friend, Patti Gibbons. Even though we are on opposite sides of the aisle, ideologically our beliefs are very much in line with one another. She told me that she noticed Joe Lieberman at McCain’s California campaign rally with Gov. Schwarzenegger. Could there be a McCain/Leiberman ticket in the making? Patti said it would “drive conservatives up the wall”. But what if it was a McCain/Obama/Lieberman ticket? It would never happen (because you can’t have three guys on one ticket), but it’s my political dream…

Amy’s Political Dream Team hard at work. Look, their ties are even color-coordinated.

But I could definitely dig a McCain/Lieberman ticket.

Props to Patti for finding this picture and making the Liberman observation. Look at those clashing ties…I love it.

Or a McCain/Obama ticket…

Stranger things have happened, right?

Though I’m still undecided, I have positioned myself like this, “Not Hillary” and “Not Romney”. Patti told me her official position, too, “No combination involving anyone named Clinton.” Here, here!

Ann Coulter’s recent support of Romney (article) and her radical statement about Hillary versus McCain has led me to lean more towards McCain, Huckabee, and Obama.

Last week on “Hannity & Colmes” Ann Coulter dramatically declared that she would rather vote on Hillary’s campaign than vote for John McCain if he becomes the Republican Party’s presidential nominee (full interview transcription). Coulter said, “I will campaign for her (Hillary McCain) if it’s McCain.”

I used to find Ann Coulter amusing; now I just find her annoying, snobby, and fanatical. But she is highly intelligent and she’s got great hair (maybe she could do some ads for Pantene). Maybe she’s trying to dissuade Democrats from voting for Hillary, because I doubt Republicans care for who she campaigns. Well, I guess some care because they do buy her books.

I sort of want to see McCain go up against Clinton, just to see if Ann Coulter keeps her word. Remember when Alec Baldwin was going to move out of the country if Bush became President? Idle threats with little action

Does an Iowa Win Really Matter?

4 Jan

According to this article from FoxBusiness, those who come out in top at the Iowa caucus still may not secure their party’s nomination. As of now, Republican Mike Huckbee and Democrat Barack Obama are the projected winners from today’s election with Hillary Clinton and Mitt Romney nipping at the heels of their rivals. While Iowa’s primary certainly sets the tone for the rest of the primaries, it doesn’t guarantee victory. Here’s why:

1. Iowa’s population is 95% white. Although this bodes well for Obama, it doesn’t necessarily mean a lot for the good ol’ boys battling it out in the Republican party. One would expect Huckabee, a former Baptist minister with traditional values to do well in a Midwestern state. This election proves that Obama, on the other hand, seems to be able to win the “white” vote, at least in Iowa.

2. Voters must be physically present to cast a vote in a primary. This means that folks who have difficulty getting to the polls like the elderly, the sick, and the disabled haven’t had their say. Also, night workers and those serving overseas in the military also do not have the opportunity to vote, meaning someone like John McCain, who has enormous military support, could do better in Iowa in a general election.

3. Iowa is not representative of the views of the entire nation. If I really wanted to pick a forerunner for my political party, I wouldn’t consider Iowa to be the hotbed of political activity. I would head to a state that shows a diverse representation of red and blue voters, and start my primaries there. However, the results from Iowa do seem consistent with national polls with show a popularity surge with both Obama and Huckabee.

The battle within the political parties is on to find a suitable candidate to endorse for President–I’m predicting it’ll come down to Mike Huckabee versus Barack Obama. However, maybe Hillary will come out on top–like cockroaches in nuclear attacks, it seems that the Clinton family can survive just about anything. So maybe Iowa does a decent job of predicting who will go head-to-head in that national elections, or maybe winning in Iowa really doesn’t matter at all. Sometimes when a candidate knows he (or she) is losing, he fights tooth and nail overcoming enormous odds to win. And we all long an underdog.

All I really have to say is this–who’s this Ron Paul character that everyone’s talking about but no one really knows about? And you never know, maybe Ross Perot will show up again in 2008. Don’t you miss his graphs and charts? I know I do!

Obama’s Hazy Past

13 Dec

ABC News

Hillary Clinton made a brilliant public relations move. First, one of her people commented on Obama’s drug use as an adolescent wondering if he was electable. Then Hillary comes into the spotlight apologizing for the careless comment of New Hampshire campaign co-chair Billy Shaheen. Of course, Shaheen made the comment publicly only hours after a poll was released showing Clinton and Obama almost tied for the state’s primary election (story here). Hmm…isn’t that a coinky dink?

Political campaigns have powerful PR machines, ruthless and direct. They’d rather make comments and apologize later–why? Because the information is still out there. In this day and age, Obama’s experimentation with pot and cocaine as a teenager could be a bonus. The fact is that Obama has been very open about his former drug use and even encouraged teenagers not to do what he did. Ironically, wasn’t it Hillary’s husband who’s famous for trying mary jane but not inhaling? I respect a guy like Obama who admits to his mistake and moves on, not an individual who can’t even fess up to his past.

The Clinton campaign is losing interested voters and they’re going to fight Obama tooth and nail for their party’s nomination. Obama’s appeal across party lines scares the Clintons, so they’re going to dissuade Democrats from offering him up as a viable candidate for the presidency saying that he’ll never get the votes of moderate Republicans and Independents. The issue of Obama’s drug use is supposed to cause conservative to balk, but most conservatives I know have set up tents in Mike Huckabee’s camp.

It may be a good PR move for Hillary, but I doubt it’ll make the difference for which the Clinton campaign is hoping. Plus, seriously, does anyone really care if Obama tried drugs when he was young? Probably not.

Hillary’s Boys Club

5 Nov

The other day, Hillary Clinton spoke at Wellesley College, an all-women’s college and Clinton’s alma mater (story here). During her speech, Clinton said something that struck a cord with me. She said, “In so many ways, this all women’s college prepared me to compete on the all boys’ club of presidential politics.” Naturally, Clinton’s rivals are pouncing on her for this statement, accusing her of trying to play the gender card.

I’m not a big fan of Hillary (or her husband, Bill. But Buddy the dog seems okay!), but I can certainly agree with her statement. Women still have to struggle to find a voice in many areas, including politics. As a graduate of Cedar Crest College, an all-women’s college, I can say I agree with Hillary. Despite sharing classrooms with professors and students who were often more liberal than me, I was fortunate to know these bold, sassy, and vivacious ladies. Refusing to be shackled to the role of their gender, our professors were some of the best in their fields despite the fact they’re women. Being at Cedar Crest taught me what it means to lead as a woman, how to learn as a woman, and how to get along with men as a woman (although I’m still working on the latter).

As much as it sounds like a sob story to some males out there, it is hard for women to get along with men who hold positions of power. Sometimes we’re not sure we belong, and a lot of times we are definitely not welcome. A woman is emotional, but not so emotional that she is incapable of intelligent debate and discussion. Any of my male friends would say that women can do lots of things that men can do, but still force me into roles that are more suitable for my gender like baking, cooking, cleaning, and caring for the kids. A lot of time when a woman chooses to be vulnerable she is seen as emotionally erratic. Unfortunately, when men (or even other women) brush this off as undesirable, they lose the chance to see what makes a woman uniquely female.

Hillary’s statement rings true for me. I’m sure many women, regardless of political affiliation, understand what Hillary is saying. It’s a battle that unites women as we try to figure out how to fit into the old boys clubs that still surround us, especially in the church.

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