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I’m an official member of the League for the Suppression of Celery!

21 Apr

I’m sorry to interrupt Publicist Appreciation Week, but I have an important announcement to make.  I have been honored by the League for the Suppression of Celery for my astute observation of Miley Cyrus eating celery with peanut butter on her television show, “Hannah Montana.”  I said we should boycott Miley and all her “Hannah Montana” gear because of this incident.  Apparently, the League agreed with me.  You can read the post about my brilliant suggestion here.

I first learned about the League after I posted “Stalked by Celery.”  Group members quickly educated me on the evils of that foul vegetable (if you can even call it that.  I’m not even sure it’s edible without peanut butter).  Since then, I’ve been actively reading the posts on their blog to find out about subversive celery and its supporters–Miley Cyrus being one of them.

Anyway, if you want to have a little fun (and who doesn’t?), check out the League for the Suppression of Celery because the premise of evil celery is great and the blog itself (and the comments) are pretty darn funny.


Open Letter to John McCain’s Campaign

27 Jul
All I want is this pin and its $5...for a pin to promote someone. The one I originally wanted was $7.

All I want is this pin and it's $5...for a pin to promote someone. The one I originally wanted was $7.

To John McCain’s Campaign HQ:

I’m an Independent Voter, who supports John McCain. I’ve already contacted McCain’s local campaign office to see about helping with the campaign. No response yet (and I have an undergraduate degree in journalism and have worked in public relations. Believe me, I would be a valuable asset to the team).

Then I decided to check out the merchandise section of the McCain Website to see about getting a bumper sticker or two or maybe a few pins–$7 for one pin! You have got to be kidding me! You can get Hannah Montana pins cheaper at the Disney Store, which has super-inflated prices. Plus, she’s just a fictional TV rock star, not a presidential candidate.

I’m all about slapping a McCain bumper sticker on the back of my vehicle or donning my purse, jacket, and other attire with a pin, but not at these prices. I can get a vintage “I Like Ike” pin for a better price. I understand that purchasing these items is also like making a donation to the McCain campaign. Unfortunately, I don’t have a lot of extra finances to do that, so I merely what to offer what I do have–time, talent, the back of my vehicle, and space on my personal belongings to promote John McCain.

Unfortunately, if you do not return my calls or e-mails or lower the prices of your promotions items (or give me a few for free like other campaigns have done in the past), I can’t help promote your candidate.

Amy, Independent Thinker for McCain (for now)

Yes, I did actually send this letter to McCain’s Campaign. If they fail to receive it but read this post, they can feel free to e-mail me. Oh, and if you support Obama, good for you, but I really don’t want to hear about how I’m an idiot because I like McCain or any of that. It’s unnecessary and makes me like Obama even less because he had such mean supporters.

Stop Being a Jerk: Blog Comment Edition

22 Apr

Those out you who have blogs of your own know the joy of getting comments on your posts. When an e-mail arrives notifying you that you have a comment to moderate, your little heart leaps with joy. Gleefully, you open the e-mail only to discover that the “comment” is really an advertisement for steroids or Viagra or something. With a sigh, you delete the comment. It’s OK because an hour later you receive another comment notification. Slightly less dapper than before, but happy nonetheless, you read that latest “comment”, which is a horrible rant filled with insults, cuss words, and bad grammar. You delete it quickly, irritated that the return e-mail address is a fake (ahole@yousuck.com). Finally, you get some real comments from friends who love you or interesting folks who randomly stumbled upon your site or even from people who respectfully disagree.

However, a recent experience with mean and dumb comments all of which have been deleted has led me to write this latest edition in my ongoing series, “Stop Being a Jerk.”

1. You are a jerk if you leave mean comments on blogs for no other reason that to be nasty. Seriously, why waste your time telling me I’m a fat loser? Or that I must be an idiot to be a Christian? Are you really that bored with your life that you have to send me unpleasant messages? Plus, you don’t even offer up a real e-mail address, so apparently you’re too ashamed to even stand by your statements. I would be, too. For the most part, your grammar is terrible and your writing is appalling. But, then again, you’re probably 12, right?

2. Leaving spam comments is evidence of jerk behavior. Look, if I need performance enhancing drugs (which would be odd since I’m a girl), I’ll go to my family doctor and get a prescription. I don’t need to go to some weird site to order who knows what from you. I am fairly certain that what you’re doing is illegal, and probably some sort of internet scam so that you can get my personal information to rip me off. It’s not nice to steal people’s credit card numbers!

3. I’m sure you have a great site, but when you just post here to promote your site…well, that’s sort of rude. By all means put your web address in the comment box so that readers can click on your name and check out your site. I love doing that! However, when you just leave a comment to post an irrelevant link–that’s a bit jerk-like.

4. I speak English, as do most of the people reading this site. Posting a comment in another language such as Japanese or Spanish or French isn’t acceptable. I ran a few of your comments through a translator and they were fairly vulgar! I know it’s funny to leave dirty comments on the blogs of ignorant Americans because we’re too stupid to check out what you’re saying. Guess what? We’re not as ignorant or stupid as you think, so knock it off. Post in broken English or translate your post so we can all read it. Otherwise, I’m going to assume you’re being rude and hit delete.

5. No, I do not want to go out with you, have sex with you, or do dirty things with you. I’m not sure if I should thank you for the interest or slap you in the face. If you want to go out with me, make an effort to get to know me, woo me, appreciate me, and then we’ll talk. But if you’re not in a love relationship with God, I’m sorry, but our relationship won’t go past dinner and friendship. (Read more about this topic here).

6. I am not Hannah Montana or Miley Cyrus or Billy Ray Cyrus and I don’t have a mullet. I also don’t know any of these people, and if I did, I wouldn’t give you their AIM screen names, cell phone numbers, or e-mail addresses. If you want to contact Miley, please go to her official website. You can feel free to share your thoughts on Hannah Montana (who isn’t a real person, by the way) or Miley Cyrus or even her dad or his 90’s mullet, please do this. Comments directed to Miley will continue to be deleted, and please stop asking me for her contact info. It gets old…fast.

7. Fred Weasley is NOT dead (in my world). If you leave a comment saying he is, you’re mean and misguided. I mean, you can be mean or misguided…but both…that’s just wrong.

To avoid possible confusion (and add to the to the humor) on this topic, I am including some examples of acceptable and unacceptable comments:

Acceptable: “Amy, you are the coolest person ever!” Unacceptable: “Miley Cyrus, you are the coolest person ever!”

Acceptable: “I think that this is an important topic…blah blah blah…smart sounding stuff.” Unacceptable: “U suck butt.”

Acceptable: “Fred’s not dead and I have proof…LINK” Unacceptable: “Fred’s dead…hahahahaha!”

Acceptable: “Thanks for being so open about this.” Unacceptable: “You’re fat and ugly and you’re never gonna get any.” (Any what? Dragon eggs?)

Acceptable: “I don’t agree. I think Obama is really cute.” Unacceptable :”You’re so stupid. How could you like anyone but Obama, you ignorant twit?”

I think you get the picture. No one likes a jerk, especially one who posts unpleasant blog comments. I’m sure I’ll get a plethora of jerky blog comments just for posting a rant against you baddies, but really I don’t want that. I just want you to stop being a jerk.

Read other “Jerk” editions:

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Stop Being a Jerk: Soccer Mom Edition coming soon!

My 9 year-old Fan

31 Mar

I’m was sitting at my computer finishing up a blog post when I got an IM from a mysterious stranger.  Feeling a bit curious, I accepted the IM, which read, “Hello.  I’m a big fan.”  Assuming she thought I was Hannah Montana or Miley Cyrus (yes, people do think that), I asked her why she was a fan, expecting her to say that she loved my hit song on Radio Disney.  But, no, she told me she liked my writing!  We started chatting and she told me she was 9 year-old and loved Miley Cyrus (see, there’s always a Miley Cyrus/Hannah Montana link).  And the best part is this–she wants to be like me when she grows up (probably because I get to write about Miley Cyrus).  But, hey, whatever!  We chatted a bit about “Hannah Montana” and went our separate ways.  Thanks to Danielle, age 9, for making me smile on an otherwise dreary (and rainy) day!

BTW, here’s a tidbit for all you rabid Hannah fans–Miley’s off to Nashville this summer to shoot the Hannah Montana movie (full story).  I’m sure she’ll be the talk of the Music City.  Maybe one sweet day, I’ll get the chance to interview Miley Cyrus–now wouldn’t that be everyone’s dream come true?

Miley’s Faith

28 Mar

Thanks to the AP for this lovely photo of Miley Cyrus. Her eyes look dramatic, don’t they?

A big round of applause to Dave Garrison for today’s Miley Cyrus update.

Clean-cut teen Miley Cyrus of “Hannah Montana” celebrity recently spoke about her faith in a Fox News interview saying, “I think it’s my faith that keeps me grounded, especially because I’m a Christ follower for sure. Live like Christ and he’ll live in you, and that’s what I want to do” (full article). Looks like Miley is embracing some “emergent church” terminology smartly referring to herself as a “Christ follower” and not a “Christian”, a distinction that I also like to make.

What I don’t like is this–the fact that Fox News has chosen to call their section on entertainers, “Pop Tarts”. They are not referring to a tasty toaster pastry, but rather a derogatory term. According to freedictionary.com, a tart is “a woman who engages in sexual intercourse for money.” UrbanDictionary.com has a colorful array of definitions for “pop tart”, which include “a lip synching teeny bopper bimbo on MTV who acts trampy” and “the use of “pop-tart” as an adjective for a slatternly pop singer was first coined by Mark Hänser in the Long Beach (California) Union Daily in 1983, first in reference to “Pat Bena-tart” then famously about Scandal’s Patty Smyth (of “Goodbye To You” and “The Warrior” fame.” Whatever the case, while some entertainers do indeed act “tarty”, it is a derogatory term, which I find offensive. I mean, they mention Abigail Breslin in the same news section…she’s 11! Abigail and Miley are certainly not tarts, and seem to be nice young ladies with bright futures.

This is why I blog about Miley Cyrus so much–I think she’s a great role model. She doesn’t bear her belly or show off her cleavage, but still manages to dress chic. Instead of running around partying and drinking, she says that she hasn’t dated much (although it’s rumored that she is dating one of the Jonas brothers). From what I can tell, Miley is under an enormous amount of pressure and has thus far remained a great role model for girls.

Miley Gets A Wax

20 Mar

Despite my guest post on YPulse, I haven’t updated y’all on Hannah Montana/Miley Cyrus news in quite a bit of time.  Today a wax figure of Miley Cyrus was unveiled at Madam Tussad’s Wax Museum in New York City.  Yes, the above photo is the wax Miley, not the real Miley.  Pretty darn life-like if I do say so myself.  For more photos, go here.

Madame Tussad’s, incidentally, is a fun place to spend an afternoon taking photos of yourself with wax celebrities.  It’s great to come back from vacation and say, “Guess what?  I met Brad Pitt, and I have the photo to prove it!”  I met wax Brad at Madame Tussad’s in Las Vegas, had my mom snap a photo, and faked out a few friends.  Oh, the memories.

So something cool happened today…

19 Mar

I hate shameless self-promotion…I really do.

But this is an instant in which it is necssary–today I am a guest blogger at YPULSE.COM, perhaps one of the coolest, if not the coolest site for youth media/culture on the Internet.

I just sent in an idea and it was accepted, so if you’re interested in guest blogging, get in touch with Anastasia.

Anyway, read my guest post, “Hidden Identity: Why Girls Like Hannah Montana” and let me know what you think.

Oh, and for all you rabid Hannah Montana fans out there, I love ya, but I do not know Hannah or Miley and don’t have her phone number, so please stop asking! 🙂

Hidden Identity: Why Girls Love Hannah Montana and Miley Cyrus

1 Mar

By Amy Sondova When I was in middle school, I liked to pretend I was a mutant; it helped me get through the rough days. Specifically, I was a teenage member of the X-Men, a group of mutant superheroes created by Marvel Comics genius, Stan Lee. Pretending I was more than just what people saw helped me to stand up to bullying, erratic friendships, low self-esteem, and the other perils that accompany the lives of middle school girls.

Maybe I was weird, but I am certainly not alone—not by a long shot. How many fairy tales and classic stories draw on the theme of hidden identity? There’s Cinderella who seems to be only a maid in her stepmother’s house, but then manages to capture the heart of Prince Charming, Sleeping Beauty who is a princess in hiding, Snow White is another princess in hiding, who also appears to be drawn to house work. In the story of Beauty and the Beast, the Beast is a prince underneath his rough exterior. The tales I loved as a child still enchant audiences today.

A new twist on an old theme comes in the shape of Hannah Montana, the title character on the popular Disney show. Hannah Montana is a huge pop sensation in her world, the world of celebrity, but at home, she’s Miley Stewart, typical teenager. Miley is raised by her father, Bobby Ray, and lives with her brother Jackson (Jason Earles). Accompanying Miley on her school yard adventures are her best friend Lilly (Emily Osment, sister of Haley Joel who was the “I see dead people” kid in Sixth Sense) and Oliver (Mitcel Musso). Playing Miley Stewart/Hannah Montana is real-life star, Miley Cyrus, daughter of country singer Billy Ray Cyrus, who also plays her dad on the show. Yes, it is very confusing. Talk about identity issues!

Debuting in March 2006, the Emmy-nominated TV show launched Miley Cyrus (and Hannah Montana) into instant stardom, both on-screen and on-stage as Miley Cyrus as Hannah Montana and herself on her “Best of Both Worlds” concert tour (which is also a movie). Hannah Montana merchandise lines the shelves of retail outlets and news of Miley Cyrus dominates the headlines.

It begs the question—why is up with all the Hannah-mania?

Tweens like to have their own stars. Gone are they days of 30 year-old actors playing high school students! Tweens and teens want to see teenagers play by teen (or young adult) actors. Fifteen year-old Miley Cyrus plays fifteen year-old Miley Stewart/Hannah Montana—not too complicated. Tweens feel “represented” when a star close to their age appears on the screen. They can identity with Miley as an actress, but also as a character. In fact, it’s probably also the reason why Miley’s fans tend to blue the line between Hannah Montana and Miley Cyrus, unable to accept that Hannah Montana is a fictional character. Then again, when a fictional character goes on a very real world tour, it does get complicated. It’s like when my parents took me to see Sesame Street Live as a child—Big Bird was in front of me in his yellow feathery glory; therefore, he was real.

Hannah and Miley are appealing characters. Both Hannah and Miley deal with things in a humorous manner that tickles the funny bones of Disney viewers. In true sitcom fashion, Hannah’s life has a problem that impacts Miley’s life and hilarity ensures. For example, one of the characters main goals is to keep her Hannah identity separate from her Miley identity and vice versa, which can be a challenge. Miley Stewart wants “the best of both worlds”, meaning she wants to live her rock star life but also go to school as a normal teenager. When one secret threatens the other, Miley/Hannah does whatever she can (usually with the help of her friends and family) to ensure that her secret is kept safe.

Not only that, Hannah/Miley deal with the regular stuff, too. In one episode, Hannah Montana discovers her other celebrity friends have hip new cell phones and she has yesterday’s popular model. Despite being oh-so-famous, she frantically tries to get the cell phone to “fit in” with the popular celebrity crowd. On another episode, Miley is asked out by a boy who says he isn’t a fan of Hannah Montana. Naturally, this boy decides to take Miley on a date to a Hannah Montana concert, in which Miley is running back and forth between her date and her on-stage persona as Hannah Montana try to impress the boy. These are very normal teen issues presented in a unique format which appeals to the younger crowd, even though it may seem silly to parents and other adults.

Tweens secretly dream of living the best of both worlds, too. Miley Stewart is not one of the popular kids. In fact, when two of the popular girls release their list on who’s cool and who’s not, Miley and her best friend are at the very bottom of the list. It’s an actual paper list that is passed around the school. We had something similar in middle school called a slam book. Constantly dealing with the taunts of two popular girls, Miley shows girls how to stand up to bullies in sitcom fashion. At times, she expresses frustration over her treatment realizing that if these people knew she was really Hannah Montana they would treat her with more respect. Then again, she understands, it would cost her the normal life she so desperately wants.

As I mentioned before, I dreamed that I was someone else to get through the day during my days in middle school. I believe a lot of other people, especially girls, do the same. They envision themselves as Miley, a nice girl with a big secret. The problem is that tweens and teens are undergoing an identity formation process—they are still forming who they are, what they believe, and what they will become. Latching onto the hidden identity seems natural, because so many girls desperately hope that they are more than what meets the eye. So many girls hope they can one day unleash their inner Hannah Montana and let the world see how talented, lovely, and captivating they really are.

Following in the tradition of so many females before her, Hannah Montana is another storyline that allows girls to vicariously live out their starry-eyed dreams. Whether the mutant girl in homeroom or the hidden teen rock star in gym class, girls long to escape the confines of their ordinary, sometimes difficult lives, and dream of a hidden identity—something far beyond the imaginations and limitations of their very normal lives. Almost every girl wants just that—the best of both worlds—people to love us for who we are and people to love us for our celebrity. But in the end, girls just want to be valued and loved—no matter what the world in which they live.

Print copy of article.

Miley Cyrus Rescues Dog & Goes Viral on YouTube

29 Feb

E!Online photo and my dog, Cassie on the right

Billy Ray and Miley Ray Cyrus found a lost dog near their home, and like the good folks they are, they stay with the small canine until help arrived. Isn’t that a precious photo op…I mean, story? The dog resembles my peekapoo, Cassie, who was just groomed, much like the dog in this photo. Remember this, if your dog is going to get lost and found by celebrities, make sure he or she is well-groomed. Otherwise, the photo opportunity would just be ruined.

In other MRC (that is “Miley Ray Cyrus”) news, Miley made her debut on YouTube on Feb. 26 (Read about both stories on E!Online) with “The Miley and Mandy Show”. It’s pretty much a pointless video of teenage life in which Miley and her friend, Mandy, say “Hi” a lot, dance around, read magazines, and record themselves doing it. Unlike most teens, this is Miley Cyrus, so everything she does include saying “Hi” a lot is fascinating to many ‘tweens. It’s certainly not Disney’s “Hannah Montana”, that’s for sure.

In another video, Miley and Mandy lip synch to Aly & AJ’s “Potential Break Up Song”. I personally like the dancing part during the chorus of this video where you can see Miley’s dog–a Yorkshire terrier wearing a t-shirt who isn’t sure what’s going on.

All in all, it’s cute teen fun. You may just be too old to “get it”.

There’s a Teenage Girl in There Somewhere

7 Feb

Tigerbeat Magazine

Due to overwhelming demands from Hannah Montana fans, Hannah Montana and the Miley Cyrus: Best of Both Worlds Concert movie has been extended another week. Now teary-eyed girls who couldn’t get tix have another chance, at least for this week. Columnist Stephen Beck finds the whole thing a bit suspicious writing, “By threatening to only play the movie a week, Disney played on one of the most basic human emotions – a parent’s desire to provide their kids with happiness. How many parents, consciously or not, said to themselves, ‘I already let my child down once by not getting them concert tickets, so I had better get those movie tickets this week before they sell out'” (full column).

Not only is Miley’s real name not Hannah Montana; it’s not even Miley! In fact, Miley’s birth name is “Destiny Hope Cyrus”. According to the Chicago Tribune, her daddy gave her the nickname because she was a rather “smiley” little girl. Now she’s not even Miley Cyrus anymore–Miley has recently changed her name to Miley Ray Cyrus to honor her papa, Billy Ray Cyrus (story). No word yet on whether or not Miley plans to grow a commemorative mullet, too.

Miley’s name change, some believe, is a way for Miley to break away from her role as “Hannah Montana” and forge her own identity as a musician. Not only that, Forbes.com columnist Steve McGookin writes an eerily interesting forecast of what may lie in store for the “Hannah Montana” franchise (read “Miley’s Musical Millions”, thanks to YPulse for the original link to the column).

Only 15, Miley’s life seems as golden as Hannah’s and yet I wonder–when does Destiny Hope AKA Miley AKA Hannah Montana AKA Miley Ray get a chance to settle down and just be a kid? Underneath the big blond wig, under the make-up, and the sparkly clothes, away from the bright lights of a T.V. set or a concert hall, she’s a fifteen year-old girl, who probably stares critically at her face in the mirror (even though thousands of people will say that she is beautiful), wonders if she will ever get married, and hopes to get her driver’s license (even though she has “people” to drive her around). On-screen and off, I’m wondering if Miley Ray Cyrus really has the worst, not the best, of both worlds.

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