She Didn’t Want Me Anymore

I sat in the guidance counselor’s office with tears pouring down my cheeks, snot running out my nostrils, and a broken heart.  He eyed me wearily, like he hated middle school girls who cried.  I am convinced that he was the Grinch, even looked like the Grinch minus the green skin pigmentation.  “So, your friendContinue reading “She Didn’t Want Me Anymore”

Crucifying Santa

AP Photo A Bremerton, Washington man has crucified Santa Claus…in his front yard.  The fifteen foot lighted cross has stirred mixed emotions from Art Conrad’s neighbors.  Saying he’s protesting the commercialism running rampant during the holidays, Conrad even sent out Christmas cards reading, “Santa died for your MasterCard” (story here). The head of the crucifiedContinue reading “Crucifying Santa”