Grey Holiday: The Outtakes

By Amy Sondova Being on a conference call with Grey Holiday’s Matt Minor and R.T. Bodet is something that everyone should be able to experience. If you’re going to do an interview with a band, you should definitely talk to two band members at the same time to add to the chaos and confusion. ToContinue reading “Grey Holiday: The Outtakes”

Grey Holiday’s Glorious Revolution

By Amy Sondova Rarely, if ever, do musicians start a band with a bass player who’s never played bass and a drummer who’s never actually drummed. Yet that’s exactly how Grey Holiday got its start—with four friends, Matt Minor (vocals, keys, guitar), Steven Bedingfield (guitar, electronics, programming), R.T. Bodet (bass), and Josh Fenoglio (drums), whoContinue reading “Grey Holiday’s Glorious Revolution”

Life Lessons Began in My Family’s Ark

I was a weird kid. I was talking to Sarah this morning about things I did when I was a little girl. This conversation was sprung off an earlier conversation about funny things kids do during church musicals. I recounted a story to Sarah about a little girl who lifted up her dress during aContinue reading “Life Lessons Began in My Family’s Ark”

My Top Discoveries of 2007

“Psych“–It’s an awesome T.V. show on USA Network starring James Roday as “psychic” detective Shawn Spencer, who isn’t really psychic, but pretends that he is. It’s great and the new season starts on Jan. 11. “Pushing Daisies“–I love this show so much that I blogged about one of its actresses, Kristin Chenoweth  (read “Snooked onContinue reading “My Top Discoveries of 2007”

Merry Kiffel Making!

Here’s a special message from our sponsor… Keep an eye open for product placement…like the Grey Holiday’s debut album THE GLORIOUS REVOLUTION and Relient K’s LET IT SNOW BABY…LET IT REINDEER. Yeah, I got flustered and went all Christianese at the end. I’m still in recovery, what can I say? (Not that Christmas isn’t allContinue reading “Merry Kiffel Making!”