She Lived and She Was Loved

Today is April 9.  On this day in 1918, a baby was born.  She was named Dorothy June Patterson and she grew up to marry her high school sweetheart, who perished in WW2.  Eventually, she was introduced to another fella by the name of Edwin.  They were engaged after only six weeks and were marriedContinue reading “She Lived and She Was Loved”

Life is Better with Lists

Death has a way of making us appreciate life. Not our own deaths, of course, but the deaths of our loved ones. Today (July 31) marks the third anniversary of my grandmother’s death. The interesting thing about my grandmother is that she was so afraid to do things, like drive a car or “upset” someone.Continue reading “Life is Better with Lists”

Tears In My Potato Salad

I still contend that my grandmother was one of the best cooks that the world as ever seen, especially when it came to picnic food and desserts. Until my own venture into making potato salad yesterday and today (it was a two day event), I didn’t realize how hard she worked. And, really, all IContinue reading “Tears In My Potato Salad”

Last Call

Last Tuesday evening I had the privilege of attending a birthday party for a 90 year-old lady named Evelyn. Evelyn was my grandmother’s lifelong best friend. They met when they were in elementary school and continued their friendship until the day my grandmother died. Because of the close bond these ladies shared, my mom andContinue reading “Last Call”

The End is the Beginning

My grandmother died this morning at 11 a.m. For most of the day, I was happy, almost joyous, and at peace. I took care of my grandfather, my mom, and my stepfather. I made sure everyone else was okay and plastered a smile on my face. I do believe that God has given me theContinue reading “The End is the Beginning”

Saying Goodbye

My grandmother is dying, even though both of my grandparents have been on their death beds before, this is the real deal. She’s just slipping away and spends a lot of time sleeping. Please pray for quick passage. It’s literally killing my grandfather to see her suffer and he weeps frequently. Please pray for himContinue reading “Saying Goodbye”

Grammy of Arcadia

My grandma was admitted to the Arcadia Unit today, a locked addition to the nursing home that houses those suffering with dementia. My mother described her tour of the building as though it were a utopian paradise with helpful nurses and doctors that cheerfully administered care to the patients in a prompt and professional manner.Continue reading “Grammy of Arcadia”