An Open Letter to the Gospel Music Association

Dear GMA (Gospel Music Association), For years, I’ve watched the Dove Awards with interest.  When I was a teenager, I eagerly devoured your suggestions on artists.  But I’ve become increasingly dissatisfied with your “product.”  It seems like good artists get ignored while the same musicians keep getting awards, not necessarily for producing amazing albums, butContinue reading “An Open Letter to the Gospel Music Association”

It’s Publicist Appreciation Week!

Behind every great musician, author, and media event is an equally great publicity team!  Someone who works hard to write press releases, schedule interviews, hook up the media with comp tickets and press passes.  She is the driving force behind GMA Week, new release days, and the music/arts/media machine in general.  Without her, I’m fairlyContinue reading “It’s Publicist Appreciation Week!”

2008 Dove Award Winners

The 2008 GMA Dove Awards winners were announced last night during an awards ceremony at the Grand Ole Opry House in Nashville marking the end of this year’s GMA Week. Was I there? No. Did I want to be there? Sort of. Will I be there next year? God only knows. But I would definitelyContinue reading “2008 Dove Award Winners”