Will Somebody Save Me?

By Ginger Sinsabaugh MacDonald I hate to admit it, but it’s true. I’m a bit burned out on my faith. Yeah, I said it, blogged it, so it will be Google-able in cyberspace for eternity. Christianity is right up there with Barbie Dolls, “Brady Bunch” reruns and Weldon Bisnett. It’s something that used to beContinue reading “Will Somebody Save Me?”

Guest Post: Ghostwriting (for Jesus)

A ghostwriter is a professional writer who is paid to write books, articles, stories, or reports which are officially credited to another person. (Source: Wikipedia) By Ginger Sinsabaugh MacDonald I just heard through the Christian grapevine that one of my favorite megapastor authors uses a ghostwriter. I know it’s true, because the person I correspondedContinue reading “Guest Post: Ghostwriting (for Jesus)”

Juno: Strikingly Real Characters

This afternoon I found myself in a dark theater with two other women, a mother and daughter I didn’t know, for what seemed to be our private screening of Juno. I’ve read everyone else’s take of the movie, and armed with a small notepad, I was about to form my own opinion. For me, theContinue reading “Juno: Strikingly Real Characters”

Flavor Your Youth Ministry With Ginger

Ginger Sinsabaugh MacDonald is one of my favorite people in the world. Smart, sassy, motivated, and creative, Ginger has chosen to use her marketing, writing, and public relations super powers for good, not evil. When she’s not coming up with massive advertising campaigns for billion dollar junk food empires (like Mccy D’s), Ginger spends herContinue reading “Flavor Your Youth Ministry With Ginger”

A Sexually Explict Day in the Neighborhood

I’ll be honest–I’ve been shocked by the public’s reaction to Jamie Lynn Spears‘ pregnancy. While I don’t think it’s appropriate for 16 year-old girls to get pregnant out of wedlock, I don’t understand what our culture expects. Sixteen year-old girls get pregnant all the time. In fact, a few high schools in my town offerContinue reading “A Sexually Explict Day in the Neighborhood”