Turtles, Snakes, and Lizards–Oh My!

On Saturday, my Dad and I celebrated Father’s Day a little early by going to the Northern Berks Reptile Show at the Hamburg Field House in—you guessed it!—Hamburg, PA (the same location that my Mom and Dad saw Petra and Larry Norman perform in the 70’s).  We are both avid animal lovers, but I’m aContinue reading “Turtles, Snakes, and Lizards–Oh My!”

The Thrill of the Puddle Jump

I find summer storms thrilling–the dramatic thunderolls, flashes of lightning, the downpour of rain, and the smell of the earth.  While the world is storming, suddenly I feel at peace.  Once the storm ends and the sun reappears, rainbows are scattered throughout the sky and huge puddles dot the earth.  Besides being a dramatic outletContinue reading “The Thrill of the Puddle Jump”