She Didn’t Want Me Anymore

I sat in the guidance counselor’s office with tears pouring down my cheeks, snot running out my nostrils, and a broken heart.  He eyed me wearily, like he hated middle school girls who cried.  I am convinced that he was the Grinch, even looked like the Grinch minus the green skin pigmentation.  “So, your friendContinue reading “She Didn’t Want Me Anymore”

Hear My Heart

I hate cliches.  I especially hate them when I’m trying to communicate how I feel about a crappy situation. If someone says or does something unkind to me, I want you, my friend and confidante, to do what friends do–I want you to say you’ll beat the living daylights out of that offensive individual.   IContinue reading “Hear My Heart”

Happy Birthday, Sarah!

The longer I know my best friend Sarah, the more I realize what an incredible gift her friendship has been to my life. Today’s her birthday, right? And I’ve spent several months scrimping and saving to get her something special because she does the same for me. Despite the meager possessions I am bestowing onContinue reading “Happy Birthday, Sarah!”

A Note to International Readers

Since I installed this special contraption on my blog, I’ve been able to see where some of y’all reside. It’s been amazing to how many of you are from other countries like Australia and Great Britain, and even Thailand, Venezuela, Japan, and dozens of other countries. I feel honored that you would take the timeContinue reading “A Note to International Readers”