Christmas Un-Wrapped with Seabird (Video)

Instead of answering the question for Christmas Un-Wrapped the “normal” way, brothers Aaron and Ryan Morgan of Seabird decided to go high-tech—they recorded their answers.  Since a little effort goes a long way with Backseat Writer, Seabird has been given the distinct honor of ushering in Christmas with the final unwrapping of 2009. Seabird’s sophomoreContinue reading “Christmas Un-Wrapped with Seabird (Video)”

Christmas Un-Wrapped with Brad Hooks

Just when you thought you couldn’t stomach another version of “Silent Night,” Brad Hooks comes along with such a unique rendition of the class your opinion changes completely.  A singer/songwriter and worship pastor from L.A., when Brad hooks isn’t putting fresh new spins on church hymns and writing fresh material, he is leading worship atContinue reading “Christmas Un-Wrapped with Brad Hooks”

Review: Til We See the Shore by Seabird

6.24.08 Release By Amy Sondova Is this a debut album? Because Til We See the Shore (Credential Recordings) doesn’t sound like many new recordings I’ve heard lately, at least not in Christian music. Drawing on Britpop influences and emulating the energies of such artists as The Beatles, Jeff Buckley, and The Dove, Seabird sounds likeContinue reading “Review: Til We See the Shore by Seabird”