Take 5 with All Star United’s Ian Eskelin

Since 1997, I could always count on All Star United for an awesome album, a great live concert, and incredible lyrics.  The band’s latest album, The Good Album, is all that and more.  Led by Ian Eskelin (who is also a producer extraordinaire), All Star United delivers once again with piano-driven good-time rock and rollContinue reading “Take 5 with All Star United’s Ian Eskelin”

Take 5 with Stacie Vining of Vining Media Relations

When I first interviewed Stacie Vining in 2002, she was only on the job for two years and working with a big publicity group.  I was a senior in college writing an article on women working in the Christian music industry for my graduation project.  So when I established a professional relationship with Stacie aContinue reading “Take 5 with Stacie Vining of Vining Media Relations”

UnWrapping Christmas:: Have you peeked at your presents?

Ah, who can fight the temptation of looking for those presents tucked away around the house?  For some of our Un-Rappers, peeking at presents is a Christmas tradition.  For the record, when Amy discovered her cache of loot one year, she also received a Princess Jasmine (and Aladdin) doll, just like Franny. HAVE YOU EVERContinue reading “UnWrapping Christmas:: Have you peeked at your presents?”

Wrap-Up on 12 Days of Christmas Music

To wrap up “12 Days of Christmas Music,” we decided to ask the artists to share a little insight on their Christmas projects.  And keep checking back with Backseat Writer as we continue to UnWrap Christmas.  Our special holiday coverage continues through Jan. 2. BARLOWGIRL ON HOME FOR CHRISTMAS:: Why did you decide to releaseContinue reading “Wrap-Up on 12 Days of Christmas Music”

Take 5 with Francesa Battistelli

By Amy Sondova Mention the name Francesca Battistellli to anyone in the industry, and the response is usually same—“Man, that girl can sing!” Fusing the classic jazz vocal stylings with a modern pop edge, Francesca’s rich voice shines on her debut album, My Paper Heart (Fervent) which releases July 22. It is Backseat Writer’s pleasureContinue reading “Take 5 with Francesa Battistelli”