Fox News’ Fred Barnes Joins The Newsboys

Who said Fred Barnes was just into political commentary?  Apparently this Fox New weekend host and contributor is into Christian rock and he’s “going public” (I know, bad old school Newsboys pun) with his appreciation for the band.  Fred Barnes, flew from D.C. to FL to catch a Newsboys show.  Apparently, Fred is a BIGContinue reading “Fox News’ Fred Barnes Joins The Newsboys”

Tuned Out:: Charlie Bit My Finger!

It’s the weekend.  It’s time for fun, frivolity, and catching up on all my posts you missed this week while you were busy dealing with the “real world.”  Instead, I’m going to post a fun video every weekend for you.  I’m calling it “Tuned Out” (even though I know you’re really tuned in). My friendContinue reading “Tuned Out:: Charlie Bit My Finger!”

The $3.6 Trillion Question

I admit that I’m a bit of a news junkie…OK, a lot of a news junkie. And this whole trillion dollar budget deal of President Obama’s has me a bit freaked out. Then I checked out Fox News’ “You Decide” blog, which just made things worse. It’s hard for me to wrap my mind aroundContinue reading “The $3.6 Trillion Question”

Miley’s Faith

Thanks to the AP for this lovely photo of Miley Cyrus. Her eyes look dramatic, don’t they? A big round of applause to Dave Garrison for today’s Miley Cyrus update. Clean-cut teen Miley Cyrus of “Hannah Montana” celebrity recently spoke about her faith in a Fox News interview saying, “I think it’s my faith thatContinue reading “Miley’s Faith”

Idol in the Internet Age

Ah-ha! She’s had an album, so that probably means she had a record deal! (Or that someone spent a lot of time playing on Photoshop.) My infatuation with “American Idol” is quickly fading. Besides being in a bit of a hormone rage, I wasn’t interested enough in the Top 12 male contestants to watch theContinue reading “Idol in the Internet Age”

Super Tuesday: All the Hype Money Can Buy

UPDATE: I found this little diddy by Brandon Barker about John Mellencamp telling John McCain to stop using his songs at campaign rallies.  Watch the David Hassellfhoff video, “Looking For Freedom”.  This is a hilarious post! Isn’t Super Tuesday exciting? This morning on Fox News I got to see Barack Obama, Ann Coulter, Nancy Pelosi,Continue reading “Super Tuesday: All the Hype Money Can Buy”

Fox News Turning Into Gossip Rag

I hate to say it, but my beloved Fox News Network (FNN) is really getting on my nerves. News Corp, the parent company of FNN bought, a trashy entertainment site last January, and added TMZ’s “news” to its line-up. Since the unholy alliance, FNN and TMZ have become bed buddies informing the public aboutContinue reading “Fox News Turning Into Gossip Rag”

Let’s All Laugh at Britney

Fox News I was reading an article on the Fox News website, when I noticed an orange “breaking news” banner across the top of the screen stating that Britney Spears had been hospitalized and could lose visitation with her children. This could just be me, but this hardly seems worthy of a fancy orange “breakingContinue reading “Let’s All Laugh at Britney”