Broken and Not So Broken

“God, I’m in the place again/I’m trying so hard not to fall/But everything keeps coming down with the rain.”–Everyday Sunday I’ve always appreciated melancholy songs.  There’s something about the toned down, raw nature of a rock band that grips my heart and makes me pay attention, like KISS’s “Beth” or Five Iron Frenzy’s “Every NewContinue reading “Broken and Not So Broken”

I’m thankful that Five Iron Frenzy is back!!!

Did ya hear, did ya hear?!  Two years ago, I shared that I will always be grateful for Five Iron Frenzy (read insightful post), particularly Leanor Ortega Till and Reese Roper…and now I’m even more excited about the band’s planned 2013 album!  Five Iron Frenzy is currently raising funds via KickStarter, but the pledges areContinue reading “I’m thankful that Five Iron Frenzy is back!!!”

Take 5 with Jason Carson of The Supertones

When I was a teenager in the mid-to-late 90’s, the third wave ska movement was in full swing, especially in Christian music circles with bands like Five Iron Frenzy, the Insyderz, and of course, the Orange County Supertones.  A fan favorite, the Supertones released a bevy of radio hits including “Away From You,” “Little Man,”Continue reading “Take 5 with Jason Carson of The Supertones”

Take 5 with singer/songwriter Justin McRoberts

Singer/songwriter Justin McRoberts has long been a favorite artist of mine, so I was extremely interested in hearing his latest album, Through Songs I Was First Undone. The recent release contains some of McRoberts favorite songs from artists such as Aimee Mann, Nine Inch Nails, George Michael, and Tom Petty.  Interestingly enough, McRobert’s spin onContinue reading “Take 5 with singer/songwriter Justin McRoberts”

Christmas Un-Wrapped with Reese Roper

Reese Roper (Five Iron Frenzy, brave Saint Saint, Roper) granted me one of my first interviews ever—for my cut-and-paste zine, Third Nail.  I thanked him by giving him a can of Spam.  Now we’re both much older and we’re doing it again—interviewer and interviewee—to celebrate the holidays with another Christmas Un-Wrapped. Speaking of wrapping, I’mContinue reading “Christmas Un-Wrapped with Reese Roper”

I’m Will Always Be Thankful For Five Iron Frenzy

I’m trying to become a more positive person, because I can go from happy to negative in one second flat.  Part of letting go of negativity, I think, is embracing thankfulness—for what God has given me, even though at times I grumble about how it’s not what I really want.  God knows what I need,Continue reading “I’m Will Always Be Thankful For Five Iron Frenzy”

Review :: The Nashville EP & The Bird and the Bee Sides by Relient K

By Amy Sondova After perusing the internet for information on Relient K’s latest project, I discovered that Relient K diehards are disappointed. And for the life of me I can’t figure out why! The Nashville EP & The Birds and the Bee Sides is a collection of original tunes, B-sides, remastered songs, and other randomnessContinue reading “Review :: The Nashville EP & The Bird and the Bee Sides by Relient K”

The End is Near

This is one of my favorite Five Iron Frenzy songs. It’s appropriately titled “New Year’s Eve” and it’s off their final album, The End is Here. I listen to this song every year on New Year’s Eve because it helps me to reflect, but also to move forward. I wish I could find a clipContinue reading “The End is Near”