Book Review & Blog Tour:: Treasured by Leigh McLeroy and “God Gave Us” Books by Lisa T. Bergren

Today is an exciting one, folks!  Backseat Writer is participating in its first blog tour—the Tresaured/”God Gave Us” Blog Tour sponsored by Random House/Waterbook Press.  I reviewed Treasued by Leigh McLeroy and enlisted my friend Shari, a children’s literature reviewer for the “God Gave Us” books.  Enjoy the reviews and thank you to Waterbrook forContinue reading “Book Review & Blog Tour:: Treasured by Leigh McLeroy and “God Gave Us” Books by Lisa T. Bergren”

Abraham’s Other Women

Sometimes when reading through my Bible, I come to a long list of names. Bildebad beget Salmon who beget Herring who beget Peanut Butter and it goes on and on and on. More often than not, I skip over the biblical genealogies and get to the “good stuff”–you know, the big epics, the scandals, theContinue reading “Abraham’s Other Women”

I Want It All

Ah, the Sunday paper! There’s nothing quite like it. It’s about 20 times the size of the daily paper and it’s got color comics! Stuffed full of ads, one could spend the better part of a morning perusing through news, entertainment, and merchandise. Today as I was looking through some ads–I discovered tons of thingsContinue reading “I Want It All”

The Overlooked Princess

Last week I decided to start a study on Moses, so naturally I turned to the first chapter of Exodus and began reading. The carnage present in that chapter rips at my heart every time–an angry leader, the deaths of so many Hebrew infants, but the promise that God would answer His people’s cry. AnyoneContinue reading “The Overlooked Princess”