Pokemon Go Into the World

Last night there were a lot of youth and young adults at my church.  The problem is that they weren’t inside the doors, but rather in the parking lot.  You see, our church is a Pokemon Go Gym and there was an epic battle being fought between the red and blue teams for control ofContinue reading “Pokemon Go Into the World”

Karaoke Dive-By

On Friday night, I let loose with a few friends for some karaoke fun at our friendly, neighborhood pub.  Now when I think of “pub,” imagery of The Inn of the Prancing Pony from the Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Rings comes to mind.  (If you’re not a LOTR nerd, I knowContinue reading “Karaoke Dive-By”

Take 5 with Tim Sinclair, author of BRANDED: Sharing Jesus in a Consumer Culture

As I was reading Branded: Sharing Jesus with a Consumer Culture (read my review), I just wanted to cry at times.  I remember going on urban mission trips, handing out tracts, asking random passersby if they knew where they were going when they died, but it all seemed so meaningless.  I remember coming back fromContinue reading “Take 5 with Tim Sinclair, author of BRANDED: Sharing Jesus in a Consumer Culture”

Book Review:: Branded by Tim Sinclair

Popular radio personality and marketing professional Tim Sinclair offers a practical approach to evangelism in a postmodern culture with his new book, Branded: Sharing Jesus with a Consumer Culture.  According to Sinclair, to many in our culture, Christianity is another option in a consumer market full of religions.  Therefore, Sinclair writes that we must doContinue reading “Book Review:: Branded by Tim Sinclair”

Covert Christianity

Written in 2006 By Amy Sondova Today the Christian book man came into my mom’s store to replenish their inspirational literature stand. He and I have a little ritual that takes place each month. He looks at me oddly when I request some of my favorite authors like C.S. Lewis and Philip Yancey. They’ve doneContinue reading “Covert Christianity”

Erwin McManus on Crave Film, Song Longings, & Storytelling

By Amy Sondova Graduating from high school with a straight D average seems like an unremarkable start for the best-selling author of An Unstoppable Force, Seizing Your Divine Moment, Uprising, and Soul Cravings. Even as Erwin Raphael McManus encouraged himself saying, “I’m gonna prove I’m not mentally ill and I’m not slow,” he found itContinue reading “Erwin McManus on Crave Film, Song Longings, & Storytelling”

Jesus Camp Review

“We’re kids! Do people honestly think we’re trying to sell them something?” nine year-old Rachel asks her twelve year-old brother, Levi, as the children hand out tracts to the lost souls in Washington, D.C. The Oscar-nominated film, Jesus Camp, chronicles the faith experiences of Levi, Rachel, and other children in various environments including home, church,Continue reading “Jesus Camp Review”