Do Unfaithful Partners Make Untrustworthy Politicians?

NY’s latest governor David Paterson, who is legally blind and the state’s first African American governor. Eliot Spitzer’s out; David Paterson is in. And what does New York’s new governor do only a few hours after taking office? Admits that he has had an affair! (Full story.) It’s OK though because he and his wifeContinue reading “Do Unfaithful Partners Make Untrustworthy Politicians?”

Eliot Spitzer, would you resign already?

(Left) Silda Spitzer stands by her man as he apologizes to the public. Ironically, he doesn’t say for what he’s apologizing. Doesn’t his facial expression just say it all? I’m sure many women feel a ton of empathy for Silda and are thinking, “Dump the guy already!” (Right) Spitzer with the four beautiful women heContinue reading “Eliot Spitzer, would you resign already?”

NY State Governor Eliot Spitzer Expected to Resign After Sealed Complaint

Tomorrow’s Mississippi primary election may very well be overshadowed by the shocking news of Governor Eliot Spitzer of New York’s predicted resignation. Spitzer, who apologized to his family today after being issued a federal criminal complaint (not the indictment reported by some media outlets, but an indictment could come later) by the southern district ofContinue reading “NY State Governor Eliot Spitzer Expected to Resign After Sealed Complaint”