The “American Idol” elimination show is still going on, but I had to let everyone know that Brooke White is…SAFE! Who knows who’s getting thrown off, but it’s neither of the Davids or Brooke! Next week’s mentor is Neil Diamond and I’m sure that Brooke will do well. I knew those 200 votes would payContinue reading “BROOKE IS SAFE!!!”

It’s A Cook Off!

The very single David Cook. Yes, ladies, David Cook is single. That’s one of the fascinating tidbits viewers picked up with tuning in to “American Idol’s” elimination show tonight. This season viewers can now call in on elimination nights to ask questions to the judges or contestants. Naturally, the questions are always of a seriousContinue reading “It’s A Cook Off!”

TiVo’s Predicts Weekly “Idol” Outcome

The title of the post is a bit long, but it’s a lot nicer than “TiVo Predict’s ‘Idol’ Loser”. That just sounds mean! Week after week, TiVo has been able to accurately predict who gets canned on the “American Idol” elimination shows…and tonight’s victim is…SYESHA! (Full story) At least it’s not Brooke…phew! I knew thoseContinue reading “TiVo’s Predicts Weekly “Idol” Outcome”

“You’re Eliminated!”

Sorry for the typo on the title–very embarrassing.  You’re supposed to hide typos within the body of the text so no one notices them.  Thanks to my mom for pointing out my glaring error. 🙂 I know I said I wasn’t going to watch “American Idol” after the unjust treatment of Josiah Leming and KyleContinue reading ““You’re Eliminated!””