McCain’s Shrewd VP Pick – “Coldest State/Hottest Governor”

My apathy has turned into excitement!  Whether you’re routing for Obama or McCain, you have to admit that it’s been an interesting week in politics. As I watched Barack Obama speak at the Democratic National Convention last night, I couldn’t belp but cry a little.  Not beacuse I was moved by his speech, but byContinue reading “McCain’s Shrewd VP Pick – “Coldest State/Hottest Governor””

The McCain Girls vs. The Obama Girl vs. The Hillary Kid

I don’t know if you’ve heard of the “McCain Girls”–a trio of ladies who have made two videos in support McCain (read more) and the “The Obama Girl” who seems to have a thing for Barack Obama. The McCain Girls, who sing “Raining McCain” and “Here Comes McCain Again” are part of the humor websiteContinue reading “The McCain Girls vs. The Obama Girl vs. The Hillary Kid”

Youth Media Blog-A-Thon: Election

Yesterday marked the start of the first ever Youth Media Blog-A-Thon, an event sponsored by YO! Youth Outlook Media and Wiretap, both excellent organizations dedicated to allowing youth to take ownership of their media.  The ‘thon runs until Feb. 22, and everyone was supposed to post about youth and the election, campaign slogans, or whatever…yesterday.Continue reading “Youth Media Blog-A-Thon: Election”

Faith Beyond Politics

Maybe I’m not a horrible Christian after all. According to the Barna Group, born-again Christians are less likely to vote for Republican candidates. The group says that if the election were held today, more Christians would vote for the Democratic Party Presidential nominee, even if it was Hillary Clinton!!! (Read study here and thanks toContinue reading “Faith Beyond Politics”

The “Christian” Way to Vote

According to Florida pastor Brian Longworth (who I had never heard of until I read this article), if Christians show up to the polls and “vote their values” Mike Huckabee can win the Republican Party’s nomination. Here’s a direct quote from the piece, “Christians make up the largest voting block in America, and when theyContinue reading “The “Christian” Way to Vote”

Pretend You Matter & Bilary’s A’Coming

AHHH! It’s Bilary! The Morning Call, the area’s local newspaper, is running a straw poll cleverly called “Pretend You Matter!” It’s funny because it’s true. As much as young people are urged to “rock the vote”, if young Pennsylvanians head out to vote in the state presidential primary on April 22, it probably won’t makeContinue reading “Pretend You Matter & Bilary’s A’Coming”

Obama’s Hazy Past

ABC News Hillary Clinton made a brilliant public relations move. First, one of her people commented on Obama’s drug use as an adolescent wondering if he was electable. Then Hillary comes into the spotlight apologizing for the careless comment of New Hampshire campaign co-chair Billy Shaheen. Of course, Shaheen made the comment publicly only hoursContinue reading “Obama’s Hazy Past”