Librarians Added to PA State Endangered Species List

There are two things I can always count on—getting a phone call from my mother every day and the Pennsylvania state budget not being passed by the July 1 deadline.  Of course, this year I’m glad I still have time to protest even though something about politics just wears me out.  After working like aContinue reading “Librarians Added to PA State Endangered Species List”

Paper Clips & Prejudice

“Happiness makes me cry more than anything else.”–Holocaust Survivor speaking in Paper Clips By Amy Sondova Little known fact–I am really into documentaries, nature shows, and reading memoirs. I love to learn about the rich history of the planet, the intricacies of our world, and the stories of other humans. So I decided to rentContinue reading “Paper Clips & Prejudice”

Questions, Pondering, Dreaming

I was chatting with my good friend, MaryBeth McCandless on AIM when she posted an interesting question to me–what would you change or do in your life right now if time, money, and self-confidence was totally plentiful? Questions about my dreams get my brain churning and my heart racing, especially when I have enough moneyContinue reading “Questions, Pondering, Dreaming”

Crappy Children’s Church Crafts

My mom just called me to ask me if the local craft store had pony beads in various color for a craft she was putting together for the children’s program at her church. She that the children were learning about the plagues brought on Egypt when Pharaoh refused to free the Israelites from slavery; eachContinue reading “Crappy Children’s Church Crafts”