Selling Out the eBay Way

With the economy in shambles, there’s still a surefire way to make your ends meet and that is by selling everything you own on eBay.  I once read about some guy who sold his soul on eBay (it was in a jar).  You can figure out weird ways to earn cash the eBay way byContinue reading “Selling Out the eBay Way”

Amy’s Favorite Things (Take that, Oprah!)

By Amy Sondova Every year, Oprah Winfrey features a few of her favorite things on her daytime talk show (“Oprah’s Favorite Things“) and then adorns the audience with each and every one of her favorite things.  Well, I’m not Oprah, and therefore, cannot give all Backseat Writer’s readers samples of everything that I adore.  ButContinue reading “Amy’s Favorite Things (Take that, Oprah!)”

Weird Ebay Listings–Dead Faerie Found in Woods

There’s a blog for everything these days and one of my favorites brings attention to weird eBay listings. In fact it’s even called “Weird eBay Listings.” KM, the lovely lady who runs the site, keeps me amused at the absurd things for which people will pay huge sums of money for on the online auctionContinue reading “Weird Ebay Listings–Dead Faerie Found in Woods”

Buy a Bill Cosby Sweater

Bill Cosby should have modeled this sweater instead of just pointing at it. That would have been so much cooler. Look at him wearing a completely normal light grey shirt. “The Cosby Show“–who can forget that piece of television history? Well, if you’re missing the days when the Huxtables ruled primetime, you can always pickContinue reading “Buy a Bill Cosby Sweater”

Stop Being a Jerk, Part 4 (Scammer Edition)

You’re sitting at your computer checking your e-mail for the fourth time in five minutes when a new message appears in your inbox. You eagerly open the message to discover that you could get 40% of $6.5 million. Now, who doesn’t want 40% of $6.5 million? I know I do. Unfortunately, the e-mail is partContinue reading “Stop Being a Jerk, Part 4 (Scammer Edition)”