The Women of the Resurrection

In this pic, Jesus looks like He’s playing hide-and-seek with the women. I wanted to prepare this blog post sooner, but time is not on my side lately.  My family could definitely use your prayer.  Gosh, I could use your prayers.  However, better late than never, here’s the follow up to “The Women of theContinue reading “The Women of the Resurrection”

The Women of the Cross

Since early last summer, I’ve been leading a ladies’ Bible study. This week, since it is Holy Week, I prepared a lesson called “The Women of the Cross” to be followed next week by “The Women of the Resurrection.” I know, I know. They could use snappier titles. But I thought both my male andContinue reading “The Women of the Cross”

Get Up and Show Up

It was Easter Sunday and my birthday. After the exhaustion of house cleaning, hosting various people in my apartment, preparations for celebrations, and little down time, on Easter morning I had it. I was supposed to be getting dressed, putting on make-up (so I’d look decent in those holiday photos), and otherwise getting ready. ButContinue reading “Get Up and Show Up”

Easter {Pics}

Well, here are some Easter/birthday pics from today in which we celebrated Jesus’ resurrection and my day o’ birth.  YAY!   Without further ado…. Here’s a wreath I made… Plastic egg garland I made… Yay for Easter baskets and birthday presents! Water toys from Easter baskets (we already had the pirate set) Catching up on someContinue reading “Easter {Pics}”