PSYCH’s James Roday & Dule Hill face EXTINCTION

Electric Artists, Inc.–James Roday, star of the hit television series “Psych,” and Michael Weston of TV’s “House” will play two friends on a reckless weekend in Gabe McKinley’s new play EXTINCTION, previewing Off-Broadway on Feb 13, 2010 prior to its official press opening February 17 at the Cherry Lane Theatre in Manhattan. Wayne Kasserman directs.Continue reading “PSYCH’s James Roday & Dule Hill face EXTINCTION”

PSYCH. New Episodes. New Night.

The fourth season continues with guest stars John Cena, Robert Patrick, and Rachel Leigh Cook returns as Shawn’s girlfriend. Other guest stars in the second half of season 4 include: Judd Nelson, Chris Sarandon, Miguel Ferrer, Bruce Davison, Ally Sheedy and more. USA will launch a national sweepstakes giving away a Grand Prize trip toContinue reading “PSYCH. New Episodes. New Night.”

True Confessions Friday:: Whenever I see a little blue car, I imagine that Shawn and Gus from “Psych” are driving it.

Tonight “Psych” is ushering in its fourth season with a guest appearance by Cary Elwes (The Princess Bride, Robin Hood: Men in Tights, Glory).  In celebration of “Psych” and all its pineapple-y goodness, I’ve decided to confess this—whenever I see a little blue car, I imagine that Shawn and Gus, “Psych’s” dynamic duo, are drivingContinue reading “True Confessions Friday:: Whenever I see a little blue car, I imagine that Shawn and Gus from “Psych” are driving it.”

Want to Split a Pineapple?

Some of you may be wondering about my recent obsession with pineapples. It’s a “Psych” thing–you wouldn’t understand. Apparently, actors James Roday and Dule Hill (who play best friends Shawn and Gus) found a pineapple in the prop room and decided to use it on the show. Now it’s a running gag on “Psych”. Here’sContinue reading “Want to Split a Pineapple?”

I Need This

As soon as I saw it, I knew I must have it because I love snow globes and I love “Psych”. Yes, friends, it’s the “Psych” snow globe, which ships on Feb. 1 (just in time for Valentine’s Day or as I like to call it “Singles Awareness Day”). I don’t think that there’s coolerContinue reading “I Need This”

Finally…”Psych” is back!

Henry Spencer (L) and Burton Guster (R) look on as Shawn fakes another psychic vision. By the way, if you don’t know yet, Shawn’s not really psychic. He just has amazing visual recall and deductive reasoning skills. But he pretends that he gets his knowledge via psychic visions instead of astute observation. Hilarity ensues. ShawnContinue reading “Finally…”Psych” is back!”

Maybe MySpace Isn’t *THAT* Bad…

Even though I much prefer Facebook over its competitor, MySpace, I’ve found myself hanging out on MySpace lately. Here’s why: THE MYRIAD 1. I like to check out bands and on MySpace, you can easily listen to their songs. Some debut bands I’ve been enjoying on MySpace include The Myriad and Fort Pastor. Plus, DavidContinue reading “Maybe MySpace Isn’t *THAT* Bad…”

“Psych” Holiday Card For Y’all

In case you missed it, tonight was the first-ever “Psych” holiday spectacular exciting fans for when the show makes its Season 3 debut on January 11. During one of the show’s commercial breaks, I learned about the fun things available for fans on the “Psych” website. So I sat down with the guys and madeContinue reading ““Psych” Holiday Card For Y’all”

Elf Yourself

After spying my AIM Elf decor, Adam told me about this great site called ElfYourself. Naturally I waited about three seconds before trying it out. You can check out Amy the Dancing Elf here. I’m sure I’ll be making many more dancing elf videos for your merriment over the next few weeks. This is anContinue reading “Elf Yourself”