Cute, Cuddly Take-Home Obama (and Hillary)

I know what you’re thinking–“Barack Obama is just so darn cute I wish that someone would make a plush cartoon-like doll out of him so I could take him home!”  Well, you’re in luck because someone out there heard you and did just that…and even made a stuffed Hillary, too.  Where can you get theContinue reading “Cute, Cuddly Take-Home Obama (and Hillary)”

Bridal Barbie Made It Special

This Christmas will be the third without my grandmother and the second without my grandfather. I learned in my counseling classes that time doesn’t ease all wounds; in fact, sometimes the ache and longing only increases, yet the pain becomes “normal”. Whatever that means. Lately, I’ve really been missing my grandparents. Since my grandfather’s passing,Continue reading “Bridal Barbie Made It Special”