My Pretty Pumpkin

We’ve had the pumpkin for over a few weeks now sitting on the floor in a plastic bag.  Since I’m back from my whirlwind Florida trip and sick as a dog, I decided it was finally time to decorate that bad boy. Using a Sharpie marker, metallic star stickers, and glittery fairy stickers, I madeContinue reading “My Pretty Pumpkin”

Faith Like My Dogs

My dogs think I am the greatest person in the world.  While they adore my mom (“grandma”) and my best friend/roommate (“Aunt Sarah”), there’s only one person they call “Mommy” and that’s me.  As I type, one of the little ones (Madalyne, two year-old shih tzu) is curled up in the covers of my bed. Continue reading “Faith Like My Dogs”

The Bully in the Kitchen

My two dogs are great teachers in lessons about life. Obviously, I don’t get tips on social etiquette from them–like smelling another dog’s butt to say hello or licking myself in front of company. However, animals of all kinds are great teachers if we allow God to use His creations to teach us about HimContinue reading “The Bully in the Kitchen”

The Battered Butterfly

This is the actual picture I took of the injured butterfly. By Amy Sondova I was walking my dogs outside, fairly annoyed because Maddy, my shih-tzu wasn’t listening. She was playfully ttacking my other dog (the nine year-old peekapoo), running amuck, and she wouldn’t do her doggie business. Then she saw something lying on theContinue reading “The Battered Butterfly”

Update on My Life

I took this picture one day, played with the colorization on Photoshop, and thought, dang, it evokes the feeling of moving upward, so I posted it here. A few of you out there in blogosphere land are probably wondering, “What’s going on with Amy?  She hasn’t mentioned much about her personal happenings in a while.” Continue reading “Update on My Life”

The Puppy Bowl Alternative

On Sunday night, millions of people will tuning into the 42nd Super Bowl to watch the Patriots demolish the Giants (That’s for my friend, Patti, who is a huge Patriots fan). There are those of us who aren’t into sports that go to parties (to meet cute guys) or watch the Super Bowl–just for theContinue reading “The Puppy Bowl Alternative”

Our Motley Christmas Photos

Here I am with the ridiculous inflatable Nativity at my mom’s house.   This was during the episode where her dog, Clifford ran away.  Everyone’s gotta take time out of a good dog chase for a picture or two. Mary Ellen, Me, Sarah, and Maddy looking oh-so-sexy. “Ryan Evans” from our High School Musical wrappingContinue reading “Our Motley Christmas Photos”

Cassie & Maddy’s Christmas Photo Shoot

OK, here’s the official Christmas photo of the two cutest puppies in the world… Here’s video footage of the whole event. Maddy’s trying to pull out her bows and then she stares at me intently. And a cute still “outtakes” of the girls: Doesn’t Cassie look like she should be pulling the Grinch’s sleigh intoContinue reading “Cassie & Maddy’s Christmas Photo Shoot”

John Grogan and Me

I got this book for Christmas after telling people it’s the only thing I wanted. Surprisingly after all that, I only got it from one person. I started reading it one evening when I was baby-sitting a 13 year-old blind Yorkshire terrier by the name of Frisky. His frisky years were far behind him. LeavingContinue reading “John Grogan and Me”