UnWrapping Christmas with musician Josh Wilson

Musician extraordinaire Josh Wilson is a faithful friend.  Despite the fact he’s already participated in UnWrapping Christmas twice, he’s willing to go another round with Backseat Writer.  Fortunately, being the creative genius that he is, Josh provides fresh and insightful answers each and every year. Exciting things are on horizon as Josh’s new album isContinue reading “UnWrapping Christmas with musician Josh Wilson”

Christmas Un-Wrapped with Josh Rosenthal

Josh Rosenthal is a man for all seasons, which is why it’s no surprise that he’s released another Christmas album this year called For A Day, which is the culmination of his Villages Suite.  This is the follow-up to Saturday’s post where Josh offered BSW readers a chance to save 10% in his online storeContinue reading “Christmas Un-Wrapped with Josh Rosenthal”

Review:: X: Christmas – Tooth and Nail Records

By Moriah Coxen Anytime you ask a rock ‘n’ roll band to cover a classic Christmas song, you’re going to get something interesting.  Tooth and Nail Records’ (T&N) X: Christmas compilation, a follow-up to Happy Christmas, is no exception. Creativity:: 10 This album does not disappoint with The Almost (Aaron Gillespie) covering “The Little DrummerContinue reading “Review:: X: Christmas – Tooth and Nail Records”