Christa Banister :: Blessedly Meddling in Chick Lit

By Amy Sondova There’s one thing they never teach you in those college journalism classes—how to deal with the angst of interviewing and writing about another writer, especially when that individual is music journalist and author, Christa Banister.  Not only has she just released her second novel, Blessed Are the Meddlers, she also has anContinue reading “Christa Banister :: Blessedly Meddling in Chick Lit”

The Seaside Park Beach Patrol Is Looking Out For You

Everyone can stop wondering if I was eaten by a bear or drowned in the ocean, I am alive and kicking, thought a little more tired and sunburned than before. Here are some of my initial trip observations: 1. My God, how can we not see the beauty You have created all around us? AndContinue reading “The Seaside Park Beach Patrol Is Looking Out For You”

The Confident Woman

  “A Woman’s Shadow”, mixed media, by J. Holland Berkley  Since I wrote the post, “I Wish I Was Beautiful”, I’ve had a lot of interesting comments.  In fact, I think it’s the only non-Hannah Montana post that’s generated that much “conversation”.  Interestingly enough, when I check out my blog stats to see what searchContinue reading “The Confident Woman”

I Wish I Was Beautiful

I wish I was beautiful. Breathtaking, traffic stopping, can-I-buy-you-a-drink beautiful. Not that I really go to bars and get drinks, but sending over a Diet Coke in a friendly dining establishment would work, too. I’m not hideous or anything. I’m just, you know, me–freckles, flaws and all. The last time I stopped traffic, it wasContinue reading “I Wish I Was Beautiful”