The Old Man At Our Door

An elderly gent came loudly rapping, rapping on our chamber door.  It sounds almost poetic when I write it like that.  Here’s what actually happened–the frail old man almost beat down our front door with his cane.  At first, roommate/best friend Sarah and I thought the UPS man was knocking a little too enthusiastically.  TheContinue reading “The Old Man At Our Door”

Life is Better with Lists

Death has a way of making us appreciate life. Not our own deaths, of course, but the deaths of our loved ones. Today (July 31) marks the third anniversary of my grandmother’s death. The interesting thing about my grandmother is that she was so afraid to do things, like drive a car or “upset” someone.Continue reading “Life is Better with Lists”

Grammy of Arcadia

My grandma was admitted to the Arcadia Unit today, a locked addition to the nursing home that houses those suffering with dementia. My mother described her tour of the building as though it were a utopian paradise with helpful nurses and doctors that cheerfully administered care to the patients in a prompt and professional manner.Continue reading “Grammy of Arcadia”

Four Dollars Short and an Ugly Bracelet

Cold wind whipped against my face as I fought back tears of rage and frustration. Besides the rustling of branches devoid of leaves in the February cold, the only other sound was the gentle tinkling of my dog’s licenses in charms clinking together as she padded along ahead of me leading the way. I couldContinue reading “Four Dollars Short and an Ugly Bracelet”