Yard Sales:: Other People’s Treasures

Today is the yearly Emmaus Community Yard Sale, which means if you can have a yard sale in our borough for FREE.  Normally, Emmaus residents are required to get a $5 yard sale permit from the borough.  I have a sneaky suspicsion that many residents hold “illegal” yard sales other days of the year, andContinue reading “Yard Sales:: Other People’s Treasures”

Black Friday–It’s Only Stuff

It’s no secret that Black Friday is my favorite shopping day of the year.  I love the excitement in the air, the conversations with random shoppers while waiting in lines, and nabbing some great deals from $2 DVD’s at Walmart (as well as a couple $6 and $9 ones for gifts) to my massive purchaseContinue reading “Black Friday–It’s Only Stuff”

Be a Dollar Store Diva!

According to SmartMoney.com, there are five items that you can’t go wrong by purchasing at your friendly neighborhood dollar store (full story here). There items are as follows: 1. Cleaning Supplies (I’ve noticed that they are often orange-scented.) 2. Gift Wrap (I got all my holiday gift wrap for a dollar, including “High School Musical”Continue reading “Be a Dollar Store Diva!”